Energy storages will have a significant role in future district heating and district cooling systems. Energy storages enable short-term production optimisation, particularly as the electrification of thermal energy production progresses and with increasing variation in electricity prices. Additionally, seasonal storage solutions become necessary for peak shaving and to achieve full carbon neutrality.

Places such as rock caverns and disused oil storage facilities are excellent locations for energy storages. We were one of the partners in Helen’s Mustikkamaa heat cavern project, one of Finland’s biggest thermal energy storages.

Our services include:

  • Consulting services for heat storage optimisation and integration into the district heating system
  • Planning, dimensioning and the physical design of storages
  • Energy storage operating mode descriptions
  • Cost estimates
  • Procurements: technical and commercial tendering and recommendations
  • Expediting (installation and procurement inspection)
  • Commissioning