A localised energy solution is suitable particularly for distinct local areas, such as hospital or university campuses, industry and sports parks, large shopping centres or event venues, or in newly developed areas with a limited number of operators. Newly developed areas also make excellent pilot sites for district cooling and/or low-temperature district heating.

Our localised energy and district cooling surveys typically consist of the following:

  • Survey of energy needs and sources, on the basis of which we determine the local needs and the duration curves of potential energy sources
  • Survey and optimisation of energy production modes, including topics such as hybrid heat pump and cooling solutions, peak and reserve production solution, energy storages, etc.
  • Dimensioning and optimisation of localised energy networks, taking into account the production mix, the temperature levels of consumers’ secondary circuits and heat losses
  • Technical concept design of the selected overall energy solutions
  • Energy production simulations and emission calculations
  • Evaluation of alternative consumer solutions, including shadow price calculations
  • Life cycle and profitability calculations, including sensitivity analyses
  • Pricing and business models