Fimpec Consulting Oy offers its customers comprehensive energy consulting services. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of energy solutions and technologies, as well as insight into the energy markets and energy business. The core areas of our expertise include hydrogen economy and Power-to-X solutions, the heating and cooling market, wind and solar power as well as industrial energy solutions.

We offer the management of companies operating at the heart of the energy transformation independent consultation services when they seek a new direction and new business opportunities. Among our key services are different types of strategy work, market surveys, investment assessments and feasibility studies. The starting point is the needs and possibilities of our customers. They guide us to seek the right answers: where in the market value chain our customers should position themselves, and how they can operate as effectively as possible to enable them to respond to the challenges posed by the energy transition and by competition.

Once these strategic studies and roadmaps begin to materialise into future investment programmes, we help determine the possibilities for implementing the project and compare the various options, and we calculate the profitability of the different options in various market conditions.

Some of our services:

  • Energy system roadmaps and master plans
  • Regional energy studies
  • Strategic studies related to new business areas and models
  • Market analyses and studies
  • Assisting in the design and pricing of new services and products
  • Feasibility studies, including:
    – Technical design and optimisation of system alternatives
    – Energy balance calculations
    – Life-cycle cost estimates
    – Alternative cost calculations and the customer’s shadow cost calculations
    – Pricing models
    – Profitability calculations and sensitivity analyses
    – Risk analyses
  • Procurement strategies and procurement model studies
  • Extensive technical and financial due diligence reviews