The heating and cooling market is an area of strong competence for Fimpec. We have been involved in the planning and construction of production plants and transfer and distribution systems. This area of the energy market is also going through a shift that will transform heating and cooling technologies as well as business models.

Production is rapidly turning carbon neutral, which primarily means the electrification of heat production. Heat pumps that utilise waste heat, electric boilers and large-scale energy storages are being introduced alongside and in place of combustion plants. The supply of waste heat will increase along with hydrogen economy and Power-to-X solutions. As the technology evolves, new innovative solutions are developing rapidly and offer completely new sources of heating.

It is not only production that is transforming, but instead the entire market. Distributed production and bi-directionality will change network dynamics, agile operators making use of new technologies are entering the markets of traditional district heating companies, and customers are no longer satisfied with mere supply of heat; instead, they demand bespoke and carbon-neutral solutions. Demand for district cooling is also constantly on the rise in larger cities and built-up areas.

Fimpec’s competence

Adapting to and exploiting the transition requires that district heating companies adopt agile new business models. Fimpec’s energy consulting services are able to shed light on the options available and steer companies in the right direction: what opportunities the transforming market offers, which new business opportunities are worth seizing, what kind of business models and products can be developed and how to price them.