Fimpec Consulting’s energy consultants can offer customers in-depth knowledge of a wide range of energy solutions and technologies, energy markets and energy business. In addition to understanding the big picture, we know the areas that have the greatest need for information: our core expertise includes hydrogen economy and Power-to-X solutions, wind and solar powerthe heating and cooling market, as well as industrial energy solutions.

Fimpec’s strength in energy consulting lies in the experience we have gained from a wide variety of energy industry projects of different sizes, where our roles have ranged from planning and engineering to construction supervision and consulting. The sites range from conventional power plants to wind power, heat pumps and green hydrogen production plants. The cumulative knowledge from all these projects translates to effective energy consulting for your needs.

For all energy industry players

Our energy consulting services offer value to all energy industry players. We welcome both large and smaller energy companies looking for a new direction, as well as new growing technology start-ups or perhaps project developers and investors in solar and wind power. Our services are also well-suited to companies outside the energy sector, such as industrial companies targeting carbon neutrality and municipalities contemplating their own energy strategy.

Hydrogen economy and Power-to-X

Investments in hydrogen economy and Power-to-X (P2X) solutions are really taking off all over the world – Finland included. This trend is first and foremost driven by new project development and growth companies. In order to support the development of their business and decision-making, they now need insight into this market that is just starting to take shape as well as the opportunities and risks it entails. Fimpec’s energy consulting services offer just that.

Wind and solar power

Demand for wind and solar power will continue to accelerate as the energy transformation advances and hydrogen economy and Power-to-X solutions become more widespread. The need for new wind and solar power parks will therefore increase. On the other hand, there is a growing need for clean energy applications, and in this trend, investments in P2X solutions and renewable electricity are mutually supporting. Fimpec’s energy consulting services offer experience-based expertise in project assessment, development and cost estimation especially for project developers and their customers.

Heating and cooling market

The heating and cooling market is, in keeping with the rest of the energy sector, undergoing a transition that will transform heating and cooling technologies as well as business models. In order to succeed in times of change, district heating companies must adopt agile new business models. Fimpec’s energy consulting services are able to shed light on the options available and point you in the right direction.

Energy consulting for industry

Industry is undergoing a major transformation, and at its core is the drive towards carbon neutrality. Energy procurement and solutions play a key role in achieving this goal. At the same time, energy procurement and usage models are rapidly changing, and the number of service providers and different solutions is higher than ever.