Wind and solar power already have a strong foothold in electricity production, and demand for the emission-free energy produced with them is only increasing. The demand is driven by, among other things, the growing needs of hydrogen economy and Power-to-X (P2X) solutions, electrification of the heating and cooling market and the general electrification of society. On the other hand, the rate of investments in clean electricity production has been extremely high recently, leading to an increased need for P2X solutions and other applications for electricity. In this way, these sectors support one another. The current situation makes Finland an attractive investment environment, thanks to its available land areas, natural conditions, infrastructure and stability. Offshore wind farms offer a whole new world of opportunities in Finland, with the planning of the first ones about to start.

Fimpec has been engaged in preparing several wind farm projects, carrying out feasibility studies, and developing and supervising construction work. We have also been involved in solar power plant projects. Consequently, we have practical experience and understanding of the opportunities and costs of wind and solar power, as well as insight into how to best advance new projects.

Fimpec’s competence

Our knowledge enables us to help both project developers and municipalities understand the potential of the area they are interested in, the planning and permit requirements, and the feasibility and production opportunities and risks of a wind and/or solar power project. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Optimising the strategy and project portfolio of project development companies
  • Assessing the type of land areas that should be acquired and at what stage of the project development
  • Assessing the extent to which a project is worth developing
  • Assessing the right moment for a divestment (e.g. ready to be built vs. built ready)
  • Due diligence for a project to be developed or acquired

Similarly, we perform due diligence processes for parties that are considering acquiring and, further, owning and operating a project. Companies developing hydrogen business and P2X solutions, for whom the secure supply of emission-free energy is a vital operating condition, can also benefit from our wind and solar power knowledge.