Fimpec’s construction management services help to find suitable solutions for a project, like the best method of implementation. Choosing the correct solution ensures that a project is completed on time and within budget. Our experts have experience with all-in contracts, shared contracts, turnkey contracts, and other types of contract.

In Fimpec’s project, a named expert is always responsible for construction management, and they act as the project’s construction/project manager as necessary. In addition to construction management, we also offer cost management, scheduling, and HSE services to meet the needs of the project and customer. If necessary, we can put together a supervisory team appropriate for the size of the project to support the customer and implementation phase by carrying out construction-technical, building systems, and electrical work supervision. For smaller projects, the construction/project manager’s tasks can also be combined with other project management and supervision services.

Our construction management services are available for all our areas of operation.

What the service offers

  • An experienced expert organisation with comprehensive competence in construction management, particularly in projects with extremely short turnaround times.
  • A comprehensive construction management service and support services that have specialist expertise with major industrial projects.
  • We offer customers a fine-tuned, tried-and-tested and modelled concept for project completion and preparation.
  • Our high level of expertise reduces risk for our customers.