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Fimpec is a consulting, engineering, and project management expert, specializing in carrying out challenging investment projects and solving our clients’ clean transition challenges. We operate in six countries, with a total of 13 offices.

We are a visionary player, guiding our clients as a partner to success at every stage of the project – from project development to commissioning. In our work, we do not just settle for the best outcome; how the result is achieved is equally important to us.

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2023 Revenue (M€)


We have grown throughout the 2020s according to our strategy.

Personnel at 2023


Our knowledgeable and eager-to-learn staff is our most important resource.

Projects completed


We utilize our experience and expertise for our clients’ benefit.

Fimpec as a Company

Your growing and internationalizing partner

We are a growing and internationalizing company, combining over 50 years of expertise gained in tens of thousands of projects, the desire and ability to use the latest methods and technologies, and the continuous agile and customer-oriented development of our operations.

This foundation has shaped our way of working. We lead and execute projects with knowledge and aim to offer our clients the best solution model for the project at hand. Our success is measured by the overall success of the project.

We also ensure that each project has the best possible team for achieving its goals. As we want the best experts to enable our clients’ project successes, we invest in the well-being and continuous development of our staff.

Our values and culture

We are enthusiastic and supportive of each other and our expertise. We maintain open and constructive communication, seeing opportunities rather than challenges.

We promote collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills, creating an atmosphere where we achieve the best outcomes and bring our best expertise to our clients’ projects.

We put ourselves in others’ shoes and see the world from their perspective. Our compassion guides us to always offer the most suitable solutions to our clients.

We have an empathetic and caring attitude, understanding and supporting each other even in challenging situations. This creates a humane work environment where everyone feels heard and seen.

We value each other’s work and expertise. We respect each other’s opinions, listen openly, and act fairly. Respect lays the foundation for constructive communication, trust, and collaboration.

We recognize that every individual brings valuable contributions, which together form a strong and effective team for each unique project.

The journey to today’s Fimpec

The current Fimpec was formed in 2021, when the engineering company CTS Engtec Oy, the project management specialist Fimpec Oy, and Fundacon Oy, specialized in project management and consulting for the energy sector, began operating as one Fimpec Group. The journey to this turning point started in the 1970s.

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