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Fimpec’s project management services are fundamentally about acting as our clients’ advocate, helping them to complete projects on schedule and within budget. We can manage this task independently or as part of the client’s organization, as required by the project and the chosen implementation model.

Our project management and construction management services are available for projects of various sizes across different sectors. We are known primarily for managing major industrial investment projects, but we are also constantly involved in new construction and renovation projects across various industrial sectors and the energy sector, as well as modernization and infrastructure projects in the built environment.

Our Offered Services

Project & Construction Management

How We Operate

We assist at all stages of the project

Our project management and construction management services are available at all stages of the project, to the extent needed by the client. These services include managing and overseeing the preliminary, project, basic, detailed engineering phases, as well as the project execution phase, including management and supervision of facility installations and commissioning.

In each project, we offer our clients our diverse experience and expertise. We are at the forefront of technological development in our field and use our own developed tools to support management, procurement, and scheduling, providing real-time information on the progress of the project and thus enabling genuine data-driven management. We are familiar with and can manage different implementation and contract forms, and can assist our clients in selecting the best options for achieving their project’s goals.

It is beneficial to involve us in the project as early as possible. The greatest benefit is derived when we can influence key decisions and costs during the project, preliminary, and basic engineering phases. At this stage, we can help our clients see the risks and pitfalls, create successful plans, and thus ensure the project stays on schedule and within budget during the execution phase.

We manage projects in these industries


Service solutions Project & Construction Management, Consulting, Engineering

Clean Energy

Service solutions Engineering, Project & Construction Management, Consulting

Forest Industry

Service solutions Engineering, Project & Construction Management

Other industries

Service solutions Engineering, Project & Construction Management

Built Environment

Service solutions Engineering, Project & Construction Management

Examples of Success

Kemi bioproduct mill

Construction management consulting services during the project engineering phase. Project management and site supervision services for construction and mechanical engineering during the construction phase.

2020-2023 Finland Read the reference

Hippos centre

Co-ordinating the construction of the Hippos centre, construction site supervision, scheduling, procurement, cost reporting and implementation engineering under a project management service model.

2023- Finland Read the reference

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