We Are Part of the Development in Bioeconomy and Circular Economy


The aim of the bioeconomy and circular economy is to conserve natural resources and use materials efficiently and sustainably. Fimpec has experience in such projects, especially in the forestry industry, which has a long tradition of utilizing by-products. We also have strong process expertise that is essential for bioeconomy and circular economy projects.

Currently, the bioeconomy and circular economy are undergoing changes and expanding into new areas. At Fimpec, we are moving towards a more sustainable future together with our clients, whether they are early-stage startups, industrial companies, or technology providers. Our expertise is available for various biorefinery, biofuel, and circular economy projects.

Why Fimpec

Our strength lies in forestry and process industry expertise

Fimpec’s strength in bioeconomy and circular economy is our understanding of our clients’ businesses, expertise in process industry, and experience in carrying out major biorefinery projects. From these, we have developed unique expertise around innovative solutions.

In the forestry industry, optimizing by-products has been commonplace for a long time, and in new plants, the processing of raw materials has been taken even further. We have in-depth expertise in lignin processing and other bio-based chemicals and materials.

Our experts are also available for other bioeconomy and circular economy projects, which may involve renewable textiles, plastics, or battery materials. Thanks to our international experience, we can serve our clients flexibly all around the world.

Our services for Bio and Circular Economy

Examples of Success

Kemi bioproduct mill

Construction management consulting services during the project engineering phase. Project management and site supervision services for construction and mechanical engineering during the construction phase.

2020-2023 Finland Read the reference

Bioconversion plant project

Implementation stage chief engineer: incl. conversion of a fine paper machine into a paperboard machine, increasing of drying machine capacity, engineering of connections between departments.

2019 Finland

Metsä Group’s Äänekoski bioproduct mill

Management and supervision of construction work as part of the owner’s project organisation.

2015-2017 Finland

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