Understanding the Built Environment


In the built environment solutions, Fimpec focuses on real estate projects for user-owners and investors as well as infrastructure construction management. In these, we are able to serve and assist our clients at all stages of the project. The greatest benefits are obtained if we are involved from the early stages of the project, where the most crucial decisions regarding costs and implementation are made.

Our services in real estate projects are specifically aimed at high-quality construction in both new construction and renovation projects. We have particular expertise in improving energy efficiency. Our infrastructure construction services are available for transportation routes, water construction, and energy sector projects. In these, our particular expertise lies in engineering structures.

Why Fimpec

We provide all services for Project Implementation and Construction Management

For projects in the built environment, we can offer all the services necessary for project implementation and construction management according to the client’s needs. Our organization has the project managers, experts, and supervisors needed to support our clients in preparing successful projects, managing design, tendering contracts, construction management, and supervision tasks. We can manage projects as a whole, or our services can be used separately according to project needs.

In project execution, we are not limited to any specific model; instead, we always seek the best possible implementation method that meets our clients’ needs and helps achieve the project goals. A particular strength is our ability to utilize Fimpec’s extensive experience from both large and small projects in the industrial and energy sectors.

Our Services for the Built Environment

Examples of Success

Hippos centre

Co-ordinating the construction of the Hippos centre, construction site supervision, scheduling, procurement, cost reporting and implementation engineering under a project management service model.

2023- Finland Read the reference

Expansion and modification to various offices

Construction management and supervision: Helsinki, Nurmijärvi, Kouvola, Hyvinkää.

2017-2018 Finland

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