Ana Reinbold and her team work across three time zones

Engineering Manager and team leader Ana Reinbold works at Fimpec Node Oy in Espoo, where she came from Fimpec in Germany. Her current work in projects spanning different time zones requires the skill of managing her time effectively and the ability to relax and unwind from everyday pressures. Working at an international Fimpec Node is personally significant for her as well.

Fimpec Node is a multicultural workplace

“Fimpec Node has 16 employees from 14 different countries, speaking 11 native languages. We are all experienced experts in international projects. Therefore, we are accustomed to taking on projects in different countries. We efficiently navigate the regulations and customs of even completely new target countries, whether they relate to project permits or employment matters,” describes Ana Reinbold.

In addition to technical design and project management tasks, Fimpec Node specializes in developing the working practices of international teams in Finland and abroad. Ana mentions that her team is currently working in both Europe and South America.

“From the very beginning, Fimpec Node has developed a modern working environment that reflects expertise and multicultural experience. Our goal is that customers and experts operating on many continents and in different time zones can work smoothly together,” says Ana.

Personally meaningful aspects come together in Fimpec Node

At Fimpec Node, the aim is to facilitate the integration of newly graduated or experienced professionals into new environments, both in Finland and in projects located abroad.

Ana is highly committed to supporting the job opportunities of international professionals, which is an important part of her role. Her team consists of four experts who are native speakers of multiple languages. English and Spanish are the most commonly used languages during office days.

“When a person experiences both moving to a new country and starting a new job or studies simultaneously, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of changes. This is something that touches me both professionally and personally. I have experienced it myself, having moved from Brazil to Germany and later to Finland. I also know where and what kind of support is available,” Ana says.

Ana Reinbold has a broad university background from her native country, Brazil, as well as from Germany and Finland. She has worked in various project teams in 4 countries. At the moment, Ana is also working on her doctoral dissertation at Aalto University.

Strength and relaxation for every day

Ana describes herself as a morning person but acknowledges that international projects sometimes extend her workdays towards the evening. When it is 4 PM for us, it is morning in Chile, and the time is 9 AM.

“Hybrid work fits well with working across different time zones, because if I like to, I can divide my workday in parts: I start at the office in the morning, and then go home and continue working, for example, on a project in Chile.”

In her free time, Ana is an active swimmer. At the swimming pool, Ana tries to dedicate the workout entirely to herself.

“While swimming, I focus solely on the act of swimming and the technical performance, supported by properly timed breathing. I enjoy it when my whole body is in motion, and all I hear are the sounds of water.”

The discussion about time management goes smoothly to yoga, which is as natural to Ana as breathing. In fact, in yoga, she has learned to breathe and has also strengthened her focus.

“I have been practicing yoga regularly for about ten years. Yoga has honed my ability to concentrate on essential aspects, whether it’s my own or other people’s well-being or my work. In yoga, with proper breathing techniques, I can ease both my physical and mental performance. It calms the mind, helps the body relax and recover, even on non-practice days.”

“Meaningful work, yoga, swimming, walking – I have something of my own every day,” Ana finally quotes a saying already familiar to Fimpec.

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