Susanna Vähäsarja talks about working life

Susanna tells you about work and values in Fimpec. Her everyday life includes also studies and family.

Susanna Vähäsarja started at Fimpec in the fall of 2022 as a planning manager for the energy sector. From the beginning, her area of ​​responsibility has also included recruitment in the energy sector, which is why she has attended many student events and met experienced experts.

To start with, Susanna reflects on the role of young people in working life.

“Young professionals bring fresh knowledge with them. They have new ways of working and are familiar with, among other things, virtual communication. It is often younger employees who also make new values ​​visible, such as community diversity, sustainable development, protecting and saving our globe,” she says, and continues:

“At Fimpec, there is meaningful work available to young experts, because we design precisely the solutions that concretely promote the green transition of the energy sector. As a whole, Fimpec’s customer projects almost invariably include needs related to sustainable development and the green transition, no matter which unit you work in. And because there are several fields of expertise, people from many fields and with different backgrounds work here.”

Today the importance of a well-managed, collegial work community is emphasized

The above-mentioned aspects are appealing to all of us, but according to an employer image survey commissioned by Fimpec, the significance of good management and mutual, collegial appreciation are now particularly visible in the appraisals. An attractive company and workplace offers employees an opportunity to influence the development of their own work and work environment.

“In several discussions, it has emerged as a strength that we are capable of working flexibly and dynamically, and at Fimpec, people do not ‘drown in organizational structures’ but are able to influence their work in the project at hand or look at their career path in the longer term as well,” says Susanna.

Our customers implement top projects

Our customers’ projects arouse real interest in discussions. We work in the most significant development projects of various industrial sectors, as well as in diverse energy production, distribution and storage projects. In all of these, the green transition has moved forward with great momentum.

“Our customers have a real need for and opportunities to implement new kinds of solutions, for example, to achieve carbon neutrality and energy efficiency. Our work around this theme is versatile: we consult on conversions, we design completely new plants or we are involved in the planning and implementation of various process changes,” explains Susanna.

Day-to-day management is about communication and building trust

For Susanna, the work community at Fimpec is an important source of energy and enjoyment at work. When we talk with her about teams and management, she puts building trust at the center of everything: when there is trust, you can have open and honest discussions about work, projects and the development of the working community.

It gives Susanna great joy when she sees that things are progressing, and the team is succeeding. People in Fimpec are experts, but still, you always need help from others – and you must know where to find it.

“We highly value people who take responsibility for what they do, it also shows that there is trust: our experts know their job. But there are always situations where help is needed and should be received, no one is left alone. As a manager, I have the important task of supporting the team with my own expertise, but I also must know where to ask for help from the rest of the organization, so I think I must stay on top of Fimpec’s development,” Susanna assesses her day-to-day management.

Fimpec Energy Services is currently actively recruiting new talents

“Recruiting new people takes time, and it’s really interesting at the same time! Likewise, I take time for familiarizing a new person. A new team member has a lot to learn about, like Fimpec’s working methods, colleagues and projects. This has to go as well as possible, so that the team and the new person soon discover each other’s skills and strengths.”

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Always something of my own at work and in everyday life

Susanna holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Technology, Otaniemi. Now she is back there, in Aalto University. In the spring of 2022, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics, majoring in management, and now her studies continue in the master’s programme.

Earlier, in her thesis on the management of virtual teams she studied the challenges of remote team management. She says, that in virtual teams, interaction and building trust require more effort from everyone.

In her work, Susanna is independent and, according to the people she works with, easily approachable, competent and present, a matter-of-fact type of person. At home, with a 9-year-old boy and a 6-year-old preschooler, both of whom practice karate, waiting for her, there is no doubt she is full of energy. Even after a day of work, studying and being together with the family, Susanna still finds time for her hobby:

“Usually I knit and crochet socks, gloves, beanies, and sometimes also soft toys or something else required for children’s games. Recently, I have made beanies and socks with Minecraft characters on them at the request of my children. But crafts are a relaxing and creative activity because you get to really focus on what you are doing and how you do it. The best is coming up with ideas together based on the imaginative wishes of my children and making them come true,” Susanna sums up.

Contact Susanna and ask more about opportunities at Fimpec:

Susanna Vähäsarja, Engineering Manager, Fimpec Energy Services
tel. +358 40 348 5664 or susanna.vahasarja(at)

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