We offer various sectors of the energy industry all-in-one solutions that help our customers on their path towards low-emission energy production and accelerate the journey.

The energy industry is currently undergoing a rapid and extensive overhaul towards a carbon-neutral future. Fimpec is leading this transformation and is well-placed to offer comprehensive future-proof solutions to enable and accelerate the change. We can offer consulting, engineering and project management expertise as well as experience with new technologies such as wind and solar power, Power-to-X technologies, geothermal energy, heat pump technologies, energy storages and modernisations of legacy energy solutions.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of various energy industry sectors, we offer back-to-back services over the entire project life cycle, from initial brainstorming and feasibility studies to project development, engineering and implementation. Our experience also includes pilot projects leveraging new technologies, which has given us deep real-life expertise in these areas.

Thanks to our expertise and experience, we are able to gain broad overall insight into our customers’ needs. We can combine various solutions and technologies as needed, we know which systems work well together, and we know how to make the best technical and financial choices in given conditions to achieve an optimal overall result.

We carry out each project as the conditions dictate and as the customer requires. When necessary, we can also help customers to brainstorm what is worth investing in and what services to produce. We execute our projects cost-effectively, focusing on the core issues that are aligned with the customer’s needs.

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