We offer different sectors of the energy industry comprehensive solutions that help our customers on their path towards low-emission energy production.

The energy industry is currently undergoing a drastic overhaul towards a carbon-neutral future. Fimpec is able to provide comprehensive solutions to meet this need for change. Energy industry project management, engineering and expert services are some of our core competences, and we have extensive, varied experience with the industry. We are familiar and competent with the various sectors within the energy industry, and we have special expertise with renewable energy projects.

We are able to provide all of the necessary services to complete an energy industry project, from the feasibility study phase through implementation to commissioning services. In projects, we draw on our experience with engineering and major industrial projects and our competence with public sector projects and dimensioning power plant technology.

We flexibly complete every project in the manner required by the project and preferred by the customer. Flexibility applies to processes, the search for construction solutions, and the schedule. We can act as engineering, procurement, and construction managers (EPCM) in energy industry projects, manage a project on our customer’s behalf or as their assistant, or offer the necessary engineering and project management services for a specific project phase. One of our strengths is our integrated project delivery (IPD) implementation method, which revolves around acting as part of the customer’s project organisation.