Fimpec Academy: Paving the way for learning opportunities

What is Fimpec Academy?

In today’s professional landscape, continuous skill updating and development are not only essential but also rewarding. At Fimpec, we are committed to fostering self-improvement among our staff and aim to provide an environment conducive to growth. To this end, we have established a learning policy and created Fimpec Academy to implement it effectively.

The mission of Fimpec Academy is to assess the learning needs of our staff and to find or organize training programs that meet these needs. Our approach is tailored to the individual perspectives of our employees, who are top professionals at various stages of their careers across different fields, ensuring that the learning needs are uniquely met.

Fimpec’s Learning Policy

Fimpec Academy executes our learning policy, which is built on a strong belief in the individual’s responsibility, motivation, and desire to learn. This means that each employee is primarily responsible for their own learning and professional development, guided by their interests and desired career progression. As a company, we strive to encourage and support each individual’s active learning.

We Search, We Find, and We Inform

Training for individual needs

Fimpec Academy is a practical operational model specifically developed to meet the needs of Fimpec and our staff of leading experts. It aims to enhance our staff’s professional skills and knowledge.

The main focus of the Academy is to sift through the vast array of available courses to find those that best meet our staff’s needs and to keep them informed about these opportunities. This addresses the challenge of identifying the best training programs and clarifying their application and organization timelines, ranging from short, targeted training to extensive learning modules.

When necessary, Fimpec Academy also organizes training sessions tailored to the needs of the entire Fimpec or specific departments. For instance, a project manager training was held in the fall of 2023.