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Fimpec is particularly known for projects in the process industry and energy sector, but we also possess diverse experience from various other industrial sectors in both engineering and project management. These sectors include the chemical industry, steel industry, building product industry, food industry, and various manufacturing industries.

Currently, various industrial sectors are experiencing a period of change and rapid development. For instance, the energy transition and new energy solutions, green steel, sustainably produced materials, and advancing technologies offer opportunities and challenges. At Fimpec, we are at the forefront of this development, helping our clients capitalize on these opportunities and meet these challenges.

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in the chemical, steel, building product, food, and manufacturing industries.



years from projects in the chemical, steel, building product, food, and manufacturing industries.

Why Fimpec

Our Experts know how to assemble even complex puzzles

Our strengths in industrial projects include comprehensive project management expertise, proven ability to carry through large projects, agility, the skill to listen and understand clients, and top-notch process, energy, and automation solutions. Our experts are also exceptionally experienced and skilled. They specialize in integrating even the most complex parts of a puzzle into a functioning whole and solving difficult problems.

For industrial projects, we have the entire Fimpec’s expertise and resources at our disposal. This means, for example, diverse process expertise acquired from large projects in the forestry industry and extensive knowledge of modern energy solutions for the industry, ranging from replacing fossil fuels to utilizing waste heat.

Our Services for Various Industrial sectors

Examples of Success

Plant construction and modernisation work to initiate production of the SHIELDPLUS® product range.

Feasibility study; mechanical, steel structural, process, electrical, automation and HVAC engineering; project management support; installation management; supervision of process implementation, and organisation of document management.

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