Niina Virtanen – project engineer and professional athlete

An engaging and independent job: I can use my competence and the projects are aligned with my environmental values

“For me, the most important thing about my work is the diverse and engaging tasks. This is easily achievable at Fimpec because we work in different industrial sectors. I also feel that my current work is important and meaningful because almost every day I gain insight into what industrial solutions can be modernised, for example by adopting new technology and equipment,” Niina Virtanen explains.

Environmental protection and reducing environmental impacts are close to Niina’s heart. She is currently working alongside these themes. For example, in a plant engineered by Fimpec, all of the raw materials are utilised as efficiently as possible.

Niina works on the process engineering team. Her tasks vary from diagram work to dimensioning calculations and from process descriptions made for assessing environmental impacts to creating reports.

“My work is independent and I like to take responsibility for the tasks assigned to me. I also get to work with a more experienced partner, Project Manager Jari Sipola. Working with Jari gives me the opportunity to discuss solutions whenever I need to,” Niina says.

“Self-direction comes naturally to me. I’ve practiced it through sports since I was young. Sports and my work at Fimpec have aspects that reflect one another; both careers offer excellent tools for success.”

Niina enjoys competing in both individual and team sports

Niina says that she is a “semi-professional” competitive athlete with long-distance skiing as her main sport. Niina is also part of Team Edux, which focuses on team races in ski marathons of different lengths. The distances can be anywhere from 70 to 90 kilometres.

“The points we get make up the team points. We spar and encourage each other because it’s the only way to ensure the best possible result for the team. One of our successes this year is when we were the best Finnish team at the Ski Classics long-distance skiing cup, placing 15th,” Niina recounts.

Niina loves competing in many different sports. In the winter of 2023 she won three Finnish championships in indoor rowing in the 6,000, 2,000 and 500 metre races. The multi-talented athlete also competes on a bike: last summer she took part in the Valtteri Bottas Duathlon in August, among other events.

Niina mostly trains herself and she says that being successful means that the training has to be varied.

“Being from an athletic family, my dad used to coach me. Now I’ve taken on much of the responsibility. I like to challenge myself when I train, but in moderation. I remind myself that it’s important to keep my body healthy and to change up the workload. I know from experience that I can develop many of my attributes this way.”

The high achiever balances her two professions perfectly: Create something of your own every day

Balancing the roles of project engineer and athlete is not hard for Niina. She puts this down to, among other things, being aware of the different phases of the projects at Fimpec ahead of time.

“I know at what point I need to have different areas completed and that lets me plan my training and competitions around my work. I also know how to allocate my energy better. If a project is demanding and working out the solutions takes a lot of energy, I keep my training lighter. Similarly, Fimpec is flexible when it comes to my sports career and I can always agree on competition schedules. I can also work remotely, which saves time when I’m in training. Of course I also use my holidays for my sports career,” Niina explains.

Niina says that her life is well balanced and that she still has time to just sit and watch TV. Although even then she knits.

“My training isn’t just about getting results. I enjoy being out in nature too; results are only one part of my life as an athlete. I have a strong inner drive to do sports and compete. I want to test my limits. But I also get energy from exercise and nature.”

The way Niina describes it, having two professions side by side sounds very attractive:

“If I’ve had a long day at work, a training session helps clear my brain – and sometimes I come up with solutions to work problems. But then when I’m working at Fimpec, I can forget about sports for a while. My two professions support each another in so many ways.”

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Fimpec wants everyone to fulfil their potential every day

We carried out the above-mentioned projects to better understand what kind of workplace culture we want to build at Fimpec, and also to see what kind of corporate culture is inevitably created due to the decision we make, for example through organisational and team structures or decision-making models.

Fimpec employs seasoned experts in different fields. We talk a lot about the diversity of work, the forms of the independence of work and a sense of community. Some of these themes are easy to put into practice. For instance, diverse work is pretty much a no-brainer because our customers’ projects are some of the most interesting in different industry and energy sectors.

At its most concrete, independence can show as a person’s freedom to choose where they work. This spring, we have already recruited around 30 new experts to Fimpec. At almost every meeting, we answer the question: “Can I decide whether to work from home or at the office?”. We also discuss expertise, self-direction and interactive skills, which are key aspects of hybrid work.

But independence is so much more: a flat organisation allows for fast and flexible decision-making at the team level, which puts an emphasis on self-direction. Our experts know what to do and when to do it to ensure that projects move forward. However, the corporate culture study showed that independence does not mean being alone without support. Help and support are available and, for example, the supervisor’s role as a sparring partner is highlighted.

Management culture and view of human nature

In connection to the corporate culture, we discussed Fimpec’s view of human nature, which impacts our management culture. We came to the conclusion that we share a trusting view of human nature, which means that we trust our experts and that they will perform their work at the highest level, purposefully and tenaciously.

We believe that the way we lead people is also the type of end result we can expect. We do not want to burden people with unnecessary rules. We know they can come up with solutions themselves. We do not want to limit the creativity that our experts have. As we see it, this leads to individuals who have a strong view of their own work and advancing their career. We delve deeper into these themes in development discussion, for instance, but also in day-to-day work when the teams plan customer projects and their roles.

A strong belief in the future springs from appreciation for different cultures and skills and the common goal of providing our customers with high-quality service

In the interviews touching on corporate culture, mutual appreciation and respecting others’ competence were strong themes. The teams want to discuss and exchange opinions on solutions presented to customers. Our highly educated, but perhaps slightly less experienced experts wish to spar with our more experienced employees. And our more experienced experts want to share their knowledge and experiences.

Recruiting new people to the teams is a key topic of discussion in a growth company such as Fimpec. In our opinion, the hallmark of a good team is specifically appreciating different areas of talent, personalities and approaches. We are encouraged by the thought that the more diverse the people working for us, the bigger the benefit. Everyone does not have to be the same. An important value shared by all of us is that we welcome new talent and personalities to our teams with an open mind.

Successful work-life balance

The teams and supervisors ensure that projects proceed as agreed. Supervisors’ role as coaches is highlighted when it gets busy: they need to ensure that there is no idling but also that employees do not suffer from too big a workload or stress. And even though haste is unavoidable in working life, coaches need to ensure that the team has sufficient opportunities to recover as well.

A key goal for us is well-being at work, where people always come before the processes and every day is an opportunity for self-fulfilment at work and during leisure. This is why we say that at Fimpec every person must be able to impact their work – and we want to support each other in achieving our goals.

Work and leisure. They coincide on the same day every weekday. Discussing the hours during which we all work together shouldn’t be hard, but flexible and normal, because we are all experts on our own lives and work.

The writer is Fimpec Group’s HR Director Erica Kraufvelin-Lämsä.

For more information, please contact:

Erica Kraufvelin-Lämsä, HR Director, Fimpec Group Oy
tel. +358 44 7777 576 or erica.kraufvelin-lamsa(at)

We will continue this discussion this spring in our campaign in which Fimpec employees talk about themselves, their work and how they look after their lives every day. The topic is close to our heart and important because we want to develop and grow Fimpec sustainably and in the long term.

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Susanna Vähäsarja talks about working life

Susanna Vähäsarja started at Fimpec in the fall of 2022 as a planning manager for the energy sector. From the beginning, her area of ​​responsibility has also included recruitment in the energy sector, which is why she has attended many student events and met experienced experts.

To start with, Susanna reflects on the role of young people in working life.

“Young professionals bring fresh knowledge with them. They have new ways of working and are familiar with, among other things, virtual communication. It is often younger employees who also make new values ​​visible, such as community diversity, sustainable development, protecting and saving our globe,” she says, and continues:

“At Fimpec, there is meaningful work available to young experts, because we design precisely the solutions that concretely promote the green transition of the energy sector. As a whole, Fimpec’s customer projects almost invariably include needs related to sustainable development and the green transition, no matter which unit you work in. And because there are several fields of expertise, people from many fields and with different backgrounds work here.”

Today the importance of a well-managed, collegial work community is emphasized

The above-mentioned aspects are appealing to all of us, but according to an employer image survey commissioned by Fimpec, the significance of good management and mutual, collegial appreciation are now particularly visible in the appraisals. An attractive company and workplace offers employees an opportunity to influence the development of their own work and work environment.

“In several discussions, it has emerged as a strength that we are capable of working flexibly and dynamically, and at Fimpec, people do not ‘drown in organizational structures’ but are able to influence their work in the project at hand or look at their career path in the longer term as well,” says Susanna.

Our customers implement top projects

Our customers’ projects arouse real interest in discussions. We work in the most significant development projects of various industrial sectors, as well as in diverse energy production, distribution and storage projects. In all of these, the green transition has moved forward with great momentum.

“Our customers have a real need for and opportunities to implement new kinds of solutions, for example, to achieve carbon neutrality and energy efficiency. Our work around this theme is versatile: we consult on conversions, we design completely new plants or we are involved in the planning and implementation of various process changes,” explains Susanna.

Day-to-day management is about communication and building trust

For Susanna, the work community at Fimpec is an important source of energy and enjoyment at work. When we talk with her about teams and management, she puts building trust at the center of everything: when there is trust, you can have open and honest discussions about work, projects and the development of the working community.

It gives Susanna great joy when she sees that things are progressing, and the team is succeeding. People in Fimpec are experts, but still, you always need help from others – and you must know where to find it.

“We highly value people who take responsibility for what they do, it also shows that there is trust: our experts know their job. But there are always situations where help is needed and should be received, no one is left alone. As a manager, I have the important task of supporting the team with my own expertise, but I also must know where to ask for help from the rest of the organization, so I think I must stay on top of Fimpec’s development,” Susanna assesses her day-to-day management.

Fimpec Energy Services is currently actively recruiting new talents

“Recruiting new people takes time, and it’s really interesting at the same time! Likewise, I take time for familiarizing a new person. A new team member has a lot to learn about, like Fimpec’s working methods, colleagues and projects. This has to go as well as possible, so that the team and the new person soon discover each other’s skills and strengths.”

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Always something of my own at work and in everyday life

Susanna holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Technology, Otaniemi. Now she is back there, in Aalto University. In the spring of 2022, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics, majoring in management, and now her studies continue in the master’s programme.

Earlier, in her thesis on the management of virtual teams she studied the challenges of remote team management. She says, that in virtual teams, interaction and building trust require more effort from everyone.

In her work, Susanna is independent and, according to the people she works with, easily approachable, competent and present, a matter-of-fact type of person. At home, with a 9-year-old boy and a 6-year-old preschooler, both of whom practice karate, waiting for her, there is no doubt she is full of energy. Even after a day of work, studying and being together with the family, Susanna still finds time for her hobby:

“Usually I knit and crochet socks, gloves, beanies, and sometimes also soft toys or something else required for children’s games. Recently, I have made beanies and socks with Minecraft characters on them at the request of my children. But crafts are a relaxing and creative activity because you get to really focus on what you are doing and how you do it. The best is coming up with ideas together based on the imaginative wishes of my children and making them come true,” Susanna sums up.

Contact Susanna and ask more about opportunities at Fimpec:

Susanna Vähäsarja, Engineering Manager, Fimpec Energy Services
tel. +358 40 348 5664 or susanna.vahasarja(at)

More sales power to Fimpec Node

Timo Rantala, Sales Manager in Mining and Metallurgy, started at Fimpec Node in February 2023. His main areas of responsibility are sales to the Mining and Metallurgical (M&M) industry in Finland and other select countries. The target is for the companies within the M&M industry to get to know Fimpec as an expert partner in M&M-specific processes and increase Fimpec’s sales within the industry.

Timo Rantala has extensive experience in international sales with Outokumpu, Larox and Outotec, mainly within the Mining and Metallurgical industry.

Felipe Aguirre has been appointed Sales Director at Fimpec Node in Chile as of 1st March 2023. He is responsible for opening the Mining, Pulp & Paper and Energy markets for Fimpec in Chile.

The key target groups are plant owners and industry suppliers and the goal is to introduce them to Fimpec as an expert in process engineering, consulting and project management, bearing in mind that Finnish industry suppliers are quite well established in Chile and have an excellent reputation, especially in the Pulp & Paper and Mining industries.

Before joining us, Felipe Aguirre was Sales Manager for an energy engineering company in Chile, which focused mainly on infrastructure development for the energy grid, development of energy projects, especially renewable ones, and some green hydrogen project. He has also worked in sales at Outotec Chile.

Both Timo Rantala and Felipe Aguirre report to Fimpec Node’s Managing Director Luis Rudolphy.

(In the photo above, on the left is Felipe Aguirre and on the right Timo Rantala.)

For further information, please contact:

Luis Rudolphy,Chief Sales Officer, International sales,
Managing Director, Fimpec Node Oy
tel. +358 40 197 2323 or luis.rudolphy(at)

Felipe Aguirre, Sales Director, Fimpec Node Oy, Chile
tel. +56 9 770 717 89 or felipe.aguirre(at)

Timo Rantala, Sales Manager, Mining and Metallurgy, Fimpec Node Oy
tel. +358 40 586 0933 or timo.rantala(at)

Fimpec Group has grown as a partner to its customers into a workplace that attracts top talents

“Fimpec’s role in its customers’ incredibly interesting projects is sparking interest among specialists and job seekers in the industry. Our projects reflect the importance of the latest developments in technology, the green transition and sustainable growth,” says HR Director Erica Kraufvelin-Lämsä of Fimpec Group.

In 2022, Fimpec Group’s personnel grew by approximately 140 people. Most of them, about 100 people chose Fimpec as their new employer, and the others joined the company through M&As..

“Demand for our services has grown and diversified in recent years. Building on that trust, we want to renew our services and grow into new areas of expertise. Expanding and deepening our expertise and successfully recruiting specialists in different fields are the key drivers of Fimpec’s growth,” stresses Kraufvelin-Lämsä.

Seeking experience and a burning desire to think outside the box

Fimpec has been part of industrial projects in various sectors for more than five decades now. In our teams, we value both in-depth experience of technically and qualitatively demanding projects and new competence.

“Even now, our engineers are working on a process conversion at a paper mill in Oulu, and we were part of the conversion engineering for that mill already back in the 1990s and again around two years ago,” recounts Jukka Nieminen, CEO of Fimpec Group.

In industry, new solutions are being sought from the perspective of economy, climate impacts and energy efficiency. Fimpec’s versatile know-how and services ensure the development of new solutions.

“We engineer and execute solutions that bring together the aforementioned perspectives. We therefore believe that we are helping to build a structure between a sustainable economy and a living environment together with our customers,” adds Nieminen.

The energy transformation is moving at an increasingly fast pace

Fimpec’s customers operate across industrial sectors and in energy and related sectors. One thing they all have in common is that they are operating within the energy transformation.

“Our customers are trying to predict and find new solutions while implementing their current projects related to the green transition. At this pace, they need even more support to find the right direction and to make, plan and carry out their investment decisions. We are responding to this demand company-wide, through all our services, but the most recent developments relate to our Fimpec Energy Services and Fimpec Consulting Oy services,” explains Nieminen.

Expansion to international markets continues

Fimpec’s service offering and competence development have always gone hand in hand with working with customers in international projects.

“Nowadays we are building our global reach in many ways: we continue to be closely involved in our customers’ projects. In addition, Fimpec Node Oy is building its international network in Finland and abroad. We have a presence in Sweden and Estonia through our subsidiaries. We are a true international growth company,” says Kraufvelin-Lämsä.

Diversity promotes development that propels us forward

Offering consultation, engineering and project management services to various industrial and energy-sector operators in Finland and abroad, Fimpec also has a diverse corporate culture.

“With so many fields of expertise, it means we have a lot of different people with diverse perspectives and opinions. This came to light in a survey of our corporate culture in autumn 2022. We are a diverse, developing company whose employees value an exchange of opinions and learning,” says Kraufvelin-Lämsä.

She believes that diversity promotes development, which also attracts new experts to Fimpec:

“In just the first two months of this year, we have already recruited 26 new specialists to our teams. Read more about our roles, services and customers at But most importantly, get in touch with us – we are more than happy to discuss your future work at Fimpec with you,” says Kraufvelin-Lämsä.

( In the photo above Mila Viksilä, who is already the 400th Fimpec employee! She started in early 2023 as a BIM and cost accounting specialist.

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Fimpec expands into business management consulting – Panu Rahikka named Managing Director of Fimpec Consulting Oy

Fimpec, which produces specialist, engineering and project management services for the energy sector, is concentrating its consulting expertise in energy markets and business in Fimpec Consulting Oy. Panu Rahikka will start as the new unit’s Managing Director on 1 March 2023. He will report to the CEO of Fimpec Group Oy, Jukka Nieminen.

Panu Rahikka (53) has had a long career with the multinational consulting company Capgemini. He has extensive experience of management tasks in specialist organisations, business management consulting and IT consulting. Prior to joining Fimpec, Rahikka headed Capgemini’s Engineering business in Finland.

“We have been getting an increasing number of requests from our customers for support in their strategy work and investment plans. We established Fimpec Consulting to provide support to decision-makers in the energy sector. We will also expand our operations to other industries besides the energy sector. We are currently recruiting new specialists in order to expand the service,” says Jukka Nieminen.

“Being involved in the green transition with leading specialists in the sector is highly motivating. I believe I can bring to the new unit a vision and approaches to business management consulting that will contribute to both our organisation’s and our customers’ success,” says Panu Rahikka.

Customers need information about new energy solutions and technologies and alternative strategies

“Besides well-established energy companies, our customers include, for example, early-stage growth companies and project developers of Power-to-X solutions and wind and solar power. However, our services are also well-suited to companies outside the energy sector, such as industrial companies that target carbon neutrality and, for example, municipalities that are contemplating their own energy strategy,” explains Jussi-Pekka Kuivala, Director, Energy Consulting, Fimpec Consulting Oy.

Fimpec Consulting offers the management of companies operating at the heart of the energy transformation independent consultation services when they seek a new direction and new business opportunities. Among the key services are different types of strategy work, market surveys, investment assessments and feasibility studies.

“We are looking into good investment opportunities and services that we can produce to help companies respond to the challenges posed by the energy transformation and competition,” Kuivala sums up.

» Photo of Panu Rahikka for PR

For more information, please contact:

Jukka Nieminen, CEO, Fimpec Group Oy
tel. +358 40 557 4547 or jukka.nieminen(at)

Jussi-Pekka Kuivala, Director, Energy Consulting, Fimpec Consulting Oy
tel. +358 40 837 8095 or jussi-pekka.kuivala(at)

Panu Rahikka, Managing Director (as of 1 March 2023), Fimpec Consulting Oy
tel. +358 44 090 4266 or panu.rahikka(at)

More about Fimpec Consulting Oy’s services

Fimpec Consulting Oy offers its customers comprehensive consulting services to support decision-making in the energy sector. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of energy solutions and technologies, as well as insight into the energy markets and energy business. Our special areas of expertise are hydrogen solutions and Power-to-X solutions and the related green electricity production, and the heating and cooling markets.

Our management consulting services include:

  • energy system roadmaps and general plans
  • strategic studies related to new business areas and models
  • market analyses and studies
  • assisting in the design and pricing of new services and products
  • comprehensive Technical Due Diligence reports
  • feasibility studies
  • procurement strategies and procurement model studies

Fimpec Energy Services – a response to strong demand driven by the energy transition

Fimpec’s customers represent a wide array of players in the energy sector, from electricity distribution companies that invest in networks as a response to a significant increase in renewable energy generation to startup companies that develop and implement new energy generation and storage solutions.

“In between these, there are a number of active industrial, infrastructure and real estate players engaging in the various stages of the energy transition, aiming to switch over to new, cleaner solutions in their production,” says Sami Nissinen, Head of Operations of Fimpec Energy Services as of 3 January 2023.

In addition to ambitious targets, the energy transition is accelerated by the rapid development and adoption of new technologies

A crucial aspect of the energy transition is electrification, i.e. the shift from fossil energy to electricity generated from renewable sources. The electrification of heat production calls for new technologies. Combustion-based heating methods are giving way, for example, to electric boilers, heat pumps and geothermal energy.

“Our customers have introduced new solutions and technologies in their new and existing plants at an increasing pace. In these projects, we provide our customers with comprehensive assistance, from feasibility studies all the way to implementation, depending on their needs,” says Nissinen.

Finland is on the cutting edge of developing the hydrogen economy – Fimpec is involved in the first projects

Hydrogen produced with renewable energy, i.e. ‘green hydrogen’, makes it possible to reduce emissions also where direct electrification is not possible. Hydrogen also offers the possibility of storing surplus electricity, for instance, as synthetic fuel that can be used to balance variations in electricity and heat consumption and production.

“Our expertise in the field of hydrogen economy is compelling, but we are proud to say that the projects are so recent and new that we are constantly learning new things. This comes from being on the cutting edge together with our customers,” Nissinen says.

Demand for energy services is exceptionally high

Energy issues cannot be construed as a distinct area because they strongly brand the decisions of industry, construction and infrastructure customers alike.

“The need for energy expertise concerns us all. By deepening and expanding our knowledge we can both find solutions to specific issues and offer our strong energy expertise to all our customers through the entire Fimpec organisation,” Nissinen says.

Dedicated expertise in keeping with the energy industry’s pace

Susanna Vähäsarja, Engineering Manager, Energy Engineering for the energy unit, develops the energy business together with Nissinen. According to her, the new unit’s personnel have an in-depth understanding of the energy sector.

“Assignments related to the energy transition are already keeping dozens of people busy at Fimpec. We constantly have several vacancies in the field of energy engineering. It is my job to offer the best talents in energy engineering excellent working conditions and the most interesting projects”.

Fimpec Energy Services responds to the needs of energy sector customers

“While public debate revolves around the themes of green transition and hydrogen economy, our customers are facing great pressure to implement projects related to the energy sector transition. We want to support this transformation with Fimpec Energy Services. Our goal is to grow organically into a unit with a staff of more than 100 over the next two years, with possible acquisitions speeding things up,” says Fimpec Group’s CEO, Jukka Nieminen.

For more information, please contact:

Jukka Nieminen, CEO, Fimpec Group
tel. +358 40 557 4547 or jukka.nieminen(@)

Sami Nissinen, Head of Operations, Fimpec Energy Services
tel. +358 40 348 5401 or sami.nissinen(@)

Susanna Vähäsarja, Engineering Manager, Fimpec Energy Services
tel. + 358 40 348 5664 or susanna.vahasarja(@)

Fimpec is a leading specialist in project management and engineering. We act as project consultants in major investment projects in the industrial and energy sectors, and as experts in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. Our turnover in 2021 was €30.3 million, and we employ more than 350 top experts in Finland and abroad.

Luis Rudolphy appointed Chief Sales Officer for Fimpec Group’s international business

As of that date, Luis Rudolphy has been appointed Chief Sales Officer (CSO) for Fimpec Group, in which role he will primarily focus on international business expansion for Fimpec in pulp and paper, energy, mining, metallurgy, and other industries in selected growth regions. He will lead the soliciting of international key customers for all Fimpec services outside of Finland, Sweden and Estonia. In this role, Luis will report to Jukka Nieminen, CEO.

“I warmly welcome Luis to Fimpec team. He brings along significant international business and sales experience”, says Jukka Nieminen.

Luis Rudolphy has over 15 years of experience in the process industry in terms of sales and management. During this long period, he has been involved both in sales and project implementation for large minerals processing and chemical industrial projects globally.

For further information, please contact:

Jukka Nieminen, CEO, Fimpec Group Oy
tel. +358 40 5574547 or

Luis Rudolphy, Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
tel. +358 40 197 2323 or

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Fimpec Group’s new CEO to take the reins in September 2022

The goal of the new CEO is to lead Fimpec Group in its next phase of global growth. Jukka Nieminen arrives at Fimpec from Beneq Group. Nieminen’s experience in globalisation and managing industrial growth companies is long and varied.

“I would like extend a warm welcome to Jukka, and I am delighted to continue our Group’s fantastic growth story together with him,” says Chairman of the Board Timo Hyvönen. “At the same time, I would like to thank Antti Lukka for his excellent work as our CEO. Under his leadership, Fimpec has grown and developed into a modern and international corporation that employs more than 350 people.”

The company has moved forward in its push for internationalisation, most recently by growing its foothold on the Baltic and Swedish markets, and future growth areas can be found for example in the energy transition.

“I am excited to get to continue this incredible growth story. I am looking forward to working in a company that is developing and focusing on global growth, with a skilled personnel and an excellent reputation among its customers,” says Jukka Nieminen.

Antti Lukka will continue part-time as the principal for Fimpec Academy. Fimpec Academy is a learning academy for the entire Fimpec personnel, which supports career paths and competence development through coaching and learning at work in collaboration with educational institutions, external coaching companies and customers. Lukka will provide more details about his new role and reveal his plans during the autumn.

Lukka and Nieminen agree that Fimpec’s key resource is its personnel.

“With Antti Lukka’s lengthy experience in the industry and insight into vocational competence needs, we are well placed to support our strategically aligned development work,” says Nieminen.

“I am excited about my new role and I hope to gain a new perspective of the entire organisation through this personnel development position. Our plans will take shape over the course of the autumn, and more information is forthcoming when they are completed,” says Lukka.

» Photo of Jukka Nieminen for PR

For further information, please contact:

NB! Any queries can be addressed to the Chairman of the Board Timo Hyvönen until 31. August and as of 1. September 2022 to Jukka Nieminen.

Timo Hyvönen, Chairman of the Board, Fimpec Group Oy
Tel. +358 400 975 838, Email:

Jukka Nieminen, CEO (as of 1 Sep 2022), Fimpec Group Oy
Tel. +358 40 5574547, Email:

Fimpec is a leading specialist in project management and engineering. We act as project consultants in major investment projects in the industrial and energy sectors, and as experts in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. Our turnover in 2021 was €31 million, and we employ more than 350 top experts in Finland and abroad.