Fimpec Group has grown as a partner to its customers into a workplace that attracts top talents

“Fimpec’s role in its customers’ incredibly interesting projects is sparking interest among specialists and job seekers in the industry. Our projects reflect the importance of the latest developments in technology, the green transition and sustainable growth,” says HR Director Erica Kraufvelin-Lämsä of Fimpec Group.

In 2022, Fimpec Group’s personnel grew by approximately 140 people. Most of them, about 100 people chose Fimpec as their new employer, and the others joined the company through M&As..

“Demand for our services has grown and diversified in recent years. Building on that trust, we want to renew our services and grow into new areas of expertise. Expanding and deepening our expertise and successfully recruiting specialists in different fields are the key drivers of Fimpec’s growth,” stresses Kraufvelin-Lämsä.

Seeking experience and a burning desire to think outside the box

Fimpec has been part of industrial projects in various sectors for more than five decades now. In our teams, we value both in-depth experience of technically and qualitatively demanding projects and new competence.

“Even now, our engineers are working on a process conversion at a paper mill in Oulu, and we were part of the conversion engineering for that mill already back in the 1990s and again around two years ago,” recounts Jukka Nieminen, CEO of Fimpec Group.

In industry, new solutions are being sought from the perspective of economy, climate impacts and energy efficiency. Fimpec’s versatile know-how and services ensure the development of new solutions.

“We engineer and execute solutions that bring together the aforementioned perspectives. We therefore believe that we are helping to build a structure between a sustainable economy and a living environment together with our customers,” adds Nieminen.

The energy transformation is moving at an increasingly fast pace

Fimpec’s customers operate across industrial sectors and in energy and related sectors. One thing they all have in common is that they are operating within the energy transformation.

“Our customers are trying to predict and find new solutions while implementing their current projects related to the green transition. At this pace, they need even more support to find the right direction and to make, plan and carry out their investment decisions. We are responding to this demand company-wide, through all our services, but the most recent developments relate to our Fimpec Energy Services and Fimpec Consulting Oy services,” explains Nieminen.

Expansion to international markets continues

Fimpec’s service offering and competence development have always gone hand in hand with working with customers in international projects.

“Nowadays we are building our global reach in many ways: we continue to be closely involved in our customers’ projects. In addition, Fimpec Node Oy is building its international network in Finland and abroad. We have a presence in Sweden and Estonia through our subsidiaries. We are a true international growth company,” says Kraufvelin-Lämsä.

Diversity promotes development that propels us forward

Offering consultation, engineering and project management services to various industrial and energy-sector operators in Finland and abroad, Fimpec also has a diverse corporate culture.

“With so many fields of expertise, it means we have a lot of different people with diverse perspectives and opinions. This came to light in a survey of our corporate culture in autumn 2022. We are a diverse, developing company whose employees value an exchange of opinions and learning,” says Kraufvelin-Lämsä.

She believes that diversity promotes development, which also attracts new experts to Fimpec:

“In just the first two months of this year, we have already recruited 26 new specialists to our teams. Read more about our roles, services and customers at But most importantly, get in touch with us – we are more than happy to discuss your future work at Fimpec with you,” says Kraufvelin-Lämsä.

( In the photo above Mila Viksilä, who is already the 400th Fimpec employee! She started in early 2023 as a BIM and cost accounting specialist.

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Energy Week -2023 is happening – let’s meet there!

The discussion will take place according to the agenda of the event: energy and the environment, wind and renewable energy, gas and energy storage. All these themes already unite us, our customers and our partners. We are looking forward to an active, new, creative interaction!

Let’s meet in Vaasa City hall, in March from 20 to 24 – wellcome to our stand A26!

Address: Vaasa Cityhall, Senaatinkatu 1, Vaasa


Fimpec expands into minerals and battery chemicals by acquiring Chemitec Consulting Oy’s business

Founded in 1986, Chemitec Consulting Oy is an engineering firm that provides consulting and engineering services and is specialised in chemical engineering, process design, energy industry, environmental technology and minerals processing. The company has seven employees, representing five nationalities.

“With this acquisition we reinforce Fimpec’s internationalisation. Chemitec is already a very international company, and the acquisition of its business is well-suited to our internationalisation strategy,” says Fimpec Group’s CEO, Jukka Nieminen.

“This is a highly skilled company that will also expand our operations into new areas. The acquisition brings us entirely new expertise and a foothold in minerals processing and chemical engineering, not to mention reinforces our already growing energy industry operations,” adds Fimpec’s Director of Development, Frans Jokinen.

All of Chemitec’s current customer commissions and contracts will continue as normal after the transaction is concluded. At the same time, Fimpec’s project management and engineering services will be available to Chemitec’s customers. As part of the business acquisition, six employees will transfer to Fimpec Node. Chemitec’s CEO Luis Rudolphy will be appointed to an executive position within Fimpec Group’s global sales.

“For us, this was about taking the next step. In joining Fimpec, we become part of a larger group, which opens the door to being involved in larger commissions where we can apply our expertise. This transaction offers a clear backing for international growth,” says Rudolphy.

(In the photo above from left: Frans Jokinen and Ana Reinbold of Fimpec, Luis Rudolphy, Erlin Sapei, Pelin Altinkaya and Michael Haas of Chemitec, and Carolina Blanco and Saurabh Dwivedi of Fimpec.)

For more information, please contact:

Frans Jokinen, Director of Development, Fimpec Group
tel. +358 45 359 4828,

Luis Rudolphy, CEO, Chemitec Consulting Oy
tel. +358 40 197 2323, luis.rudolphy(at)

Chemitec Consulting Oy is an engineering company specialised in chemical engineering, process design, energy industry and environmental technology. We offer consultant and engineering design services in projects of all scales. The company had net sales of EUR 1.5 million in 2021, and has an international team of seven employees.

Fimpec is a leading specialist in project management and engineering. We act as project consultants in major investment projects in the industrial and energy sectors, and as experts in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. Our turnover in 2021 was €30.3 million, and we employ more than 350 top experts in Finland and abroad.

Construction work begins at P2X Solutions’ green hydrogen plant in Harjavalta

Earthworks and piling work has begun at P2X Solutions’ green hydrogen plant in Harjavalta. Preparations at the site started already in the summer. According to the schedule, construction work on the actual facilities will begin at the turn of the year, and the plant will be finished in summer 2024.

According to Fimpec’s Jorma Paananen, Business Unit Director and the project co-ordinator, the project has proceeded well, although its pioneering nature does bring along some special challenges. He says that thanks to the smooth co-operation between all the parties, the project is now beginning to take shape.

“As the first of its kind in Finland, this is an important project for us. There have been challenges, but the project has also offered us an opportunity to make use of Fimpec’s expertise in procurement and renewable energy. Our specialists have done a lot of work especially when it comes to equipment purchases,” says Paananen.

So far, eight people from Fimpec have been involved in the project.

Fimpec involved in the construction of new plants

The green hydrogen plant project in Harjavalta may be the first for P2X Solutions, but the company has new projects in the pipeline in different parts of Finland. P2X Solutions and the utility Savon Voima, for example, have joined forces to explore the possibility of producing green hydrogen and e-fuels in Joensuu.

Fimpec will also be involved in P2X Solutions’ future projects, in accordance with the co-operation framework agreement concluded in January 2022. The agreement covers consultation services for multiple projects. According to Paananen, the long-term framework agreement enables a solid, mutually beneficial partnership in such complex projects.

“The agreement makes it simple and flexible for P2X Solutions to order any work covered by the framework agreement. One of the benefits is also that it gives us time and an opportunity to prepare for labour needs and identify and assign the right experts to each task,” he says.

A pioneering plant that promotes the green transition

The Harjavalta plant will be the first industrial-scale green hydrogen and synthetic methane production plant in Finland. The plant’s production capacity will be 20 MW, and the facility will reduce Finland’s carbon dioxide emissions by 40,000 metric tonnes per year. The heat and oxygen generated as by-products of the process can be utilized in industrial processes.

The direct and indirect employment effects of the construction phase of the project will be approximately 350 man-years. The facility is expected to create approximately 50 permanent jobs, directly and indirectly.

Green hydrogen and its downstream products promote the green transition of land and maritime transport and industry, and contribute to Finland’s energy self-sufficiency.

More information on the project and our services:

Jorma Paananen, Unit director, Fimpec PMO Oy
Tel. +358 400 347 373,

More information on P2X Solutions’ projects:

» P2X Solutions and Savon Voima study the possibility of green hydrogen and e-fuels production in Joensuu

» Work began on P2X Solutions’ site for the green hydrogen plant in Harjavalta

P2X Solutions is a Finnish pioneer in green hydrogen and Power-to-X technology. We are accelerating the rise of the hydrogen market holistically and innovatively in all areas of the value chain. We operate as a producer and distributor of green hydrogen and synthetic fuel, and we deliver hydrogen plants in a customer-oriented manner, if necessary, on a turnkey basis. We will make the world cleaner – together.

Fimpec is a leading specialist in project management and engineering. We act as project consultants in major investment projects in the industrial and energy sectors, and as experts in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. Our turnover in 2021 was €30.3 million, and we employ more than 350 top experts in Finland and abroad.

Fimpec Node – the right partner for global industrial projects

Fimpec Node is a new kind of service model that combines international talents with industrial investments. We offer our customers country- and language-specific planning, engineering, and project management know-how and networks. Node also strengthens Fimpec’s presence in the international market and enlarges our abilities to serve our clientele within the industrial and energy sector also in Finland.

As Fimpec’s focus is large international industrial projects in different parts of the world, the company understands the need to combine global and local expertise.

“Through our new service, we want to offer our customers country- and language-specific planning, engineering, and project management know-how and increase the employment of international talent in Finland,” says Fimpec’s development director, Frans Jokinen.

New work environment for international talents

Jokinen points out that Fimpec Node also serves a greater purpose: “At the same time as there is a growing need for experts in Finland, we have many people from elsewhere who live, work, and study in Finland but cannot use their knowledge and skills to their full potential due to language barriers. We have created employment opportunities and a new work environment for highly educated professionals and students.”

“Fimpec Node is an international work environment in which we offer work corresponding to the skills of multilingual, international students and professionals who wish to immigrate to Finland. We value what international talent offers us, including language skills, experience in multicultural work environments, and adaptability,” says Ana Reinbold, a Brazilian who has lived in Finland since 2018 and is responsible for building the Fimpec Node team. She previously worked for Fimpec in Germany on a large industrial project.

Knowledge of European and western hemisphere markets

Fimpec Node will be able to provide teams with the necessary know-how and networks for customers operating internationally, including international Finnish companies and global companies looking to do business in Finland.

“Fimpec’s aim is to establish its international presence and serve a growing clientele within the industrial and energy sectors. Outside Finland, we have offices in Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Uruguay, and Chile. I am excited to see Fimpec Node play an important role in our global expansion,” says Jukka Nieminen, CEO of Fimpec Group.

Established in Otaniemi – a university area that is full of talent

“Our purpose is to create a work environment with an international atmosphere and our own work culture and way of working,” says Reinbold.

“We are now established in Otaniemi and want to create an environment in which the language issue does not limit what can be done but allows everyone to utilize their professional skills. In this regard, Otaniemi is a natural choice for starting our operations. It is a buzzing environment filled with ambitious international students and experienced professionals. With their help, we can create bridges to new target countries and expand our operations”, she explains.

Fimpec Node is creating a new kind of work environment and networks for international talent in Finland. The first “Node” began operating in Otaniemi in the Helsinki region at the beginning of November and will employ 20–30 people.

(In the photo above, Frans Jokinen and Ana Reinbold at the Aalto Talent Expo 2022 event in Otaniemi on November 10, 2022)

For further information

Frans Jokinen, tel. +358 45 359 4828 or
Ana Reinbold, tel. +358 (0) 44 780 5733 or

» Fimpec Node web page

Fimpec is a leading specialist in project management and engineering. We act as project consultants in major investment projects in the industrial and energy sectors, and as experts in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. Our turnover in 2021 was €30.3 million, and we employ more than 350 top experts in Finland and abroad.

Fimpec at the Pohjanmaan Teollisuus -event

Fimpec’s experts have been involved in engineering and implementing a large number of significant industry and energy sector’s projects in Finland. Therefore we daresay that a lot of information, experiences and new ideas will be shared at our booth with you. At our booth A702 You’ll meet Juha Katainen, Jorma Paananen and Pasi Varkila from Fimpec

The two-day industry expert event offers excellent opportunities to network with the top experts in industry and talk about on the latest industrial topics and future prospects.

  • Open 23–24 November 2022, Wed 10 am–5 pm, Thu 9 am–3 pm
  • Fimpec’s booth number: A702

Fimpec reinforces district heating and cooling services

Fimpec welcomes Helen’s DHC engineering and development team

Helen’s DHC (District Heating & Cooling) network engineering and development team, made up of four people, will transfer to Fimpec as of 1 September. They will begin as existing employees and will continue performing the same tasks as they have up until now. They will join Fimpec’s energy team at the Helsinki unit.

The transfer of the team will support Fimpec’s existing district heating expertise, which is already represented at Fimpec especially by the Estonian company HeatConsult Oü. “The new team and its special expertise allow us to expand sales of our DHC network services,” says Fimpec’s Head of Operations, Industry, Energy, Jarno Rannikko.

This means that not only new employees but also part of the workload of Helen’s DHC network services will transfer to Fimpec. The change will additionally deepen co-operation between the company’s various departments. This will create an excellent foundation on which to build Fimpec’s offering of district heating and cooling services both in Finland and globally.

“The service agreement on engineering, development and documentation of district heating and cooling networks will deepen the partnership between Helen and Fimpec. The partnership supports Helen’s strategy and focus on its core business, strengthening the asset management of district heating and cooling networks. I am convinced of Fimpec’s ability and desire to develop a service partnership with Helen and, at the same time, to develop the entire energy network sector,” says Helen’s Head of Energy Platform Lauri Utriainen.

For further information, please contact:

Jarno Rannikko, Head of Operations, Industry, Energy
Tel. +358 50 575 1716

Lauri Utriainen, Head of Energy Platform, Helen
Tel. +358 40 744 6516

Fimpec is a leading specialist in project management and engineering. We act as project consultants in major investment projects in the industrial and energy sectors, and as experts in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. Our turnover in 2021 was €30 million, and we employ more than 350 top experts in Finland and abroad.

Helen Ltd helps to make everyday life a little easier for over 550,000 customers in Finland. In addition to heat, cooling and electricity, we offer solutions for regional and renewable energy, smart buildings and electric transport. We are developing a smarter, carbon-neutral energy system that enables everyone to produce, use and save energy with respect for the environment. We aim to achieve 100% carbon neutrality in our energy production by 2030. Let’s join forces and turn the opportunities of a new energy era into reality.

Fimpec reinforces Owner’s Engineering services offering for the Energy Sector

The current energy sector transformation requires major investments with an emphasis on implementing them in a problem-solving way, in compliance with legislation and regulations, and bearing in mind future needs. This has increased the need for the Owner’s Engineering services in energy sector projects, which has not gone unnoticed at Fimpec.

“We have identified this need and offer the Owner’s Engineering, or OE service, from a Fimpec’s point of view, combining comprehensive energy sector and industrial expertise and the ability to operate flexibly as part of the customer organisation. As Fimpec grows, our competence and ability to create added value for our customers continues to strengthen,” says Jussi-Pekka Kuivala, Director, Consulting and Process Engineering at Fimpec.

“We have experience in various types of energy sector projects in engineering, construction and supervision. The goal is to be able to offer OE services throughout the project life cycle from the concept engineering and studies to the implementation phase and the initial start-up phase of the plant. Our expertise covers engineering, scheduling, procurement, project management, cost accounting etc,” adds Senior Consultant Janne Lavanti, who works with OE tasks in the energy sector at Fimpec.

Extensive expertise benefits the customer

The sector-specific special expertise is an obvious starting point for the OE services, according to Kuivala and Lavanti. In addition to this, Fimpec’s strength lies in the possibility to combine experience and expertise from different sectors and tasks in order to serve the customer.

“Fimpec has been involved in projects of various sizes with different scopes. Projects have ranged from power plants to pulp mills and new green hydrogen production plants. Our roles vary from engineering to development, consultation and supervision. This means that we can draw on extensive expertise that crosses sector interfaces also in OE tasks. We consciously work to utilise this synergy,” Kuivala explains.

Lavanti adds that co-operation is the most fruitful and useful when Fimpec joins a project in its OE role as early as possible, immediately at the feasibility study and pre-engineering phase: “That is when critical decisions are made for the project, and making use of the OE services at that stage helps bring the greatest benefits. When the project moves into the implementation and construction phase, it becomes difficult to make major savings.”

Based on the customer’s needs

A key aspect of Fimpec’s Owner’s Engineering operations is understanding the customer and their needs and acting accordingly. Fimpec is used to operating on the customer’s terms and as part of their organisation.

“We are prepared to adjust our ways of working according to the customer and the project in question. The customer could be, for example, a start-up company, that has been established for a specific project, which means that the processes and models would have to be created and developed from the scratch. An opposite example would be, for instance, forest and pulp industry giants that carry out billion-euro projects one after the other and which have very established models for implementing them. It is essential to understand what the customer is like and what are the prerequisites for the project, and to adjust our operations accordingly,” Lavanti points out.

The same flexibility also applies to the content of the commission. In the OE service, it is mostly about supervising the interests of the customer and typically customers use it in EPC, i.e. turnkey projects to supervise the engineering and implementation carried out by the supplier. Fimpec’s OE services can, however, be used in more restricted tasks as well.

“For example, we are currently involved in preparing procurements for P2X Solutions’ hydrogen production plant project in Harjavalta. We are also part of the heat pump procurement for Tampereen Sähkölaitos on an OE basis,” Kuivala says.

“In the project, we take on the role of the customer, and when we are deep in the customer’s organisation, they gain access to our experts’ professional insight and experience of earlier projects, as well as the whole of Fimpec’s expertise in different sectors. It is clearly a strong point for our experts that, in addition to the customer, they can discuss things with various experts in their own organisation and, if needed, bring additional resources on board the project,” Lavanti explains the benefits that the customer gains from working with Fimpec.

Fimpec – experts of the energy transition

The energy sector is currently undergoing a major change. Emission targets are forcing energy markets to forgo fossil fuels as a means of mitigating climate change. This energy transition is fundamentally changing energy production and consumption systems. Fimpec actively supports companies struggling with the transition.

The issue involves more than just switching from combustion technology to clean technology. In the current energy transition, it is not just production, but also the energy networks, delivery and emergency supply that are in the throes of change. The future energy system will not only be cleaner, it will also be more complex, with the different sectors closely linked to one another. Business and revenue models will also change when regular consumers are joined by ‘prosumers’, i.e. individuals who both produce and consume. The situation is challenging for operators in the energy industry, but the means for implementing the change already exist and are constantly evolving.

“At Fimpec we have taken this change into account well in advance, both in our operations and in developing our competencies. We are involved in many pioneering projects and can offer our customers expertise and consulting, from concept-level engineering to actual implementation,” explains engineer Andreas Lund (M.Sc.Eng.), who works as a consultant at Fimpec and whose areas of expertise are renewable energy and related innovative solutions, such as geothermal energy and power-to-x technologies.

Electrification is key in the energy transition

Lund cites electrification, meaning transitioning from fossil-based energy to renewably generated electricity and utilising it either directly or indirectly, as a decisive factor. Direct electrification can already be seen in traffic and in heat production, but it is also the future for other sectors. Thanks to its extensive experience in engineering and project management tasks in the energy sector, Fimpec is a competent and innovative partner in this area.

“The electrification of heat production calls for new technologies. Combustion-based heating methods are giving way, for example, to electric boilers, heat pumps and geothermal energy. One example of this is that when it comes to large heat pumps, the sizes are already moving from real-estate scale to megawatt scale. Geothermal energy, for its part, offers massive potential worldwide. In that area, new solutions are needed, such as deep-heat wells, which differ from traditional geothermal wells in their technology, well depth and scale. A good example of this is the energy company Helen’s geothermal heating plant in Ruskeasuo. Another heat pump trend is seawater heat pumps,” says Lund.

Both heat pumps and deep-well pumps are systems in which Fimpec has wide-ranging expertise. Fimpec’s experts have been involved in many projects related to these systems.

Green hydrogen offers a means of indirect electrification

The significance and importance of hydrogen in the energy transition has been highlighted, and there are high hopes for it. In Lund’s opinion, this is understandable, as in many sectors direct electrification is difficult. Among the sectors that face electrification challenges are the chemicals industry, steel production and heavy and long-distance transport.

“In these sectors, fuels will be needed in future, too, and hydrogen produced with renewable energy, i.e. ‘green hydrogen’, will enable emission reductions also where direct electrification is not possible,” Lund explains. “Hydrogen and its downstream products can replace fuels and natural gas. They also offer the possibility of storing surplus electricity, for instance, as synthetic fuel that can be used to balance variations in electricity and heat consumption and production.”

Fimpec’s expertise also extends to the design and implementation of various hydrogen-economy solutions, such as the conceptualisation and engineering of hydrogen production plants.

“Together with the customer, we can determine what kind of electrolysis plant they want and how it should be built. Our special expertise also includes innovative solutions, comparing electrolysers and methanation integration. We are on the crest of a wave in hydrogen economy development and involved in groundbreaking projects, such as P2X Solutions’ green hydrogen production plant in Harjavalta,” says Lund.

Affordable electricity and solutions for electricity surplus and deficit

An essential condition for implementing the energy transition and the electrification it requires is affordable renewable electricity. It is needed in both direct and indirect electrification and is also the essence of the entire hydrogen economy.

“Renewable electricity production is increasing rapidly, which is helping to tackle the challenge. However, it does not eliminate the problem of periodic imbalances in electricity production and consumption. The challenge is variations: there are variations in wind and solar energy production, and electricity consumption can likewise vary significantly. Particularly in Finland, heating focusses on cold periods, and in terms of traffic, electric-car charging causes consumption spikes within a single 24-hour period,” says Lund.

However, Lund says that new solutions, such as heat storages and the use of hydrogen, have emerged to solve the problem, and these are areas in which the Fimpec team can help.