Fimpec provides Enefit Green with 360° services to develop a wind farm

Enefit Green, an Estonian renewable energy producer, is currently building its first Finnish wind farm Tolpanvaara, Pudasjärvi. The 13 wind turbines to be erected in the area will annually produce up to 76 gigawatt hours of green electricity. The construction work, started in February 2022, has progressed such that the erection of the wind turbines will start during the spring of 2023. The start of electricity production is planned for autumn 2024.

“The project has proceeded as planned and on schedule. One factor in favour of the project was that all parties are seasoned players in the wind power industry,” says Chief Operating Officer Heikki Karjalainen, who is in charge of the project on behalf of Fimpec.

Fimpec in charge of owner’s engineering and worksite management and supervision at the installation stage

Enefit Green is the renewable energy subsidiary of Eesti Energia and owns 22 wind farms and 38 solar parks in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The official owner of the Finnish Tolpanvaara facility will be Enefit Green’s Finnish subsidiary Tolpanvaara Wind Farm Oy.

Enefit Green decided to use Fimpec’s Owner’s Engineering service for the construction project at Tolpanvaara.  This means that Fimpec is responsible for liaison with authorities, communications, stakeholder engagement, engineering design and planning reviews, monitoring of construction progress, cost management and reporting as well as on-site supervision and safety coordination.

As the project progresses, the installation stage duties will additionally include main responsibility for on-site supervision as well as supervision and safety coordination. Once the wind park is completed, Fimpec will also have supervision duties during the warranty period.

“We are supporting this project with our wide range of experience and knowledge of wind power projects, infrastructure development and project implementation. You could say that the main focus of our input is on safety, quality control and scheduling. Fimpec’s familiarity with international projects is also an asset, as it helps us understand different ways of working and, if necessary, we can help non-Finnish partners to understand and comply with Finnish building codes,” Karjalainen says.

Keeping it all together is key in wind, solar and hydrogen projects

The Tolpanvaara wind park in Pudasjärvi is one of many wind power projects that Fimpec participates in or has participated in, besides several hydrogen and solar power projects. Jorma Paananen, Business Unit Director, Infrastructure, believes that Fimpec has a wide range of solid know-how, based both on experience and knowledge, concerning the preparations, scheduling, procurement and on-site operations of such projects. He feels this gives the company good capabilities to respond to the needs on the market.

“The trend in wind, solar and hydrogen projects is that project owners increasingly want to source the preparation work, commissioning of engineering and construction, procurements and supervision services from a single supplier. Since we can manage the entire project life cycle, we are able to respond to these needs and offer these services from a single source. In addition to that, we can offer expert and engineering services for this industry,” Paananen says.

“Our broad range of expertise also helps us manage such full-scope projects, which is a vital requirement for staying on budget and on schedule. From the customer’s point of view, the optimal scenario is if we can bring our expertise to the project early on and help them to make good decisions and also to see any risks well in advance,” Paananen points out.

For more information, please contact:

Jorma Paananen, Business Unit Director, Infrastructure, Fimpec
tel. +358 400 347 373 or email jorma.paananen(at)


Fimpec at the Energy 2022 event

Fimpec will be present at the Enery 2022 event from 25. until 27.10.2022. Our energy team will be present at the booth A918 for the duration of the event. Fimpec Specialist Antti Lahtinen takes on the VOIMA stage on Wednesday 26.10. at 13.00. In his speech he will focus on the new energy technology projects Fimpec is working on.

The Energy 2022 is the largest energy event in Finland brings together energy production, power transmission and storing, energy users, and environmental and circular economy and real estate decision makers under the same roof in October. The event will showcase sustainable, smart, productive, and modern solutions to the energy transition.

See you in Tampere!

More information about the event:

SystemTest named as one of Estonia’s most competitive companies

Estonia’s most competitive companies published

During Global Entrepreneurship Week, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry published companies who have achieved the best competitiveness ranking. A total of 1418 Estonian companies participated in the competition, with the best 13 companies selected by industry.

Director General of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry MaitPalts commented on the most competitive companies, saying: “Each year, a high competitive ranking comes as a surprise to many companies who didn’t expect such recognition. People are often so focused on their business that they don’t notice the success they have achieved.” He adds that it is especially important to recognise companies who develop their operating environment and whose results set an example to other actors. “In addition, fierce competition encourages our companies to perform even better, which in turn facilitates the development of our domestic markets and also gives our companies the opportunity to succeed on international markets,” says Palts.

“Top-ranking competitive companies are strong and successful Estonian companies in good financial standing who pay their employees a motivating wage. Years of dedicated work are behind the good results, and the companies value their customers and partners. They are also innovative and able to respond quickly to market changes,” says MarjeJosing, Director of the Estonian Institute of Economic Research, and adds: “Rapid success is not enough to clinch a company a top competitiveness ranking; the company must also be versatile, which is achieved through continued good work.”

This year, a total of 1418 companies participated in the competition. Rankings were decided based on information submitted by the participating companies and the companies sizes, and divided over 13 industries.

Estonia’s most competitive companies by industry are as follows:

  • Most competitive communication and IT company 2020 – TELIA EESTI AS
  • Most competitive industrial and energy company 2020 – CLEVERON AS
  • Most competitive food industry company 2020 – LIVIKO AS
  • Most competitive financial brokerage company 2020 – TAVID AS
  • Most competitive wholesale company 2020 – BALTIC AGRO AS
  • Most competitive tourism company 2020 – LYDIA HOTELL OÜ
  • Most competitive retail company 2020 – SELVER AS
  • Most competitive construction company 2020 – MERKO EHITUS AS
  • Most competitive service company 2020 – SPACECOM AS
  • Most competitive real estate company 2020 – KAPITEL AS
  • Most competitive transport and logistics company 2020 – TALLINK GRUPP AS
  • Most competitive agriculture and forestry company 2020 – TORNATOR EESTI OÜ
  • Most competitive project design and architecture company 2020 – SYSTEMTEST OÜ

A summary by industry can be found  HERE (in Estonian)

The aim of the competitiveness ranking for Estonian companies is to make it easier for companies to improve their competitiveness and to therefore promote the faster development of the Estonian economy. The ranking highlights the most successful companies and offers an excellent opportunity for successful companies to introduce themselves to the public and to further consolidate their competitive position. The competitiveness ranking for Estonian companies has been used since 2003.

The Estonian Institute of Economic Research (EKI) helps with the compilation of technical calculations and classifications for the competitiveness ranking. The institute collaborates with the Lausanne Institute for Management Development. The competitiveness ranking highlights participating companies that meet the requirements set in the methodology and which present the required statistical information for their economic operations over the past two years: sales profits, net profit, labour costs, capital, and average number of staff per year.

In addition, the EKI uses the information submitted by the companies to calculate essential indicators: changes in sales profits in relation to the previous year, changes in result in relation to the previous year, capital profits, average monthly labour costs per employee during the reporting year, annual productivity per employee and generation of added value (in this method: profit + labour costs).

The competitiveness ranking is part of Estonia’s largest entrepreneurship competition organised by three organisations: The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation.


Frans Jokinen Appointed Business Unit Director, EPCM

Frans Jokinen, M.Sc. (Eng.), has been selected to helm the strong growth of CTS Engtec in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area starting from January 7th. His tasks include EPCM business management and development of the Helsinki office. Jokinen transferred to the service of CTS Engtec from Afry.

Jokinen has comprehensive and extensive experience in different areas of business; he has background in management of sales and project activities. Jokinen sees a lot of unique potential in development of CTS Engtec’s EPCM business.

“Having followed the development of CTS Engtec over the last few years, I see a lot of growth-oriented enthusiasm and potential for ramping up and refinement of EPCM into a versatile and efficient customer-centred business. I am especially interested in the process flows of the EPCM model and the resulting cause-effect relationships, as well as in the development of project team practices.”

According to Antti Lukka, Managing Director of CTS Engtec, Jokinen’s strong engineering and project management skills and extensive co-operation networks support the development of the new business unit.

“Frans brings to our organisation new thinking and power for promotion of our Helsinki unit and the EPCM business. In recent years, our growth has been accelerating, and it is great to benefit from Frans Jokinen’s tremendous expertise in taking our EPCM service portfolio to an entirely new level,” Lukka concludes.

In his work, Jokinen reports to the Managing Director and is a member of CTS Engtec’s exevutive team.

CTS Engtec’s Offices in Jyväskylä Moved to Tourula

From January 1st, CTS Engtec’s new address in Jyväskylä is Matarankatu 4. The move to the new premises was influenced by the desire to bring the offices in Jyväskylä under the same roof. Common office facilities provide better support to diversification of services and growth in the number of staff.

“In 2019, we have made significant investments in customer service in Central Finland and uniting our offices under the same roof already came up in connection with the Karibu asset deal. We are now able to operate even better at the same location, and the premises have been renovated to meet our needs,” says Antti Lukka, Managing Director of CTS Engtec.

The new premises are located in Jyväskylä downtown, which facilitates access to the office. The renovation enables to better adapt the premises to modern open work culture and operating models.

“Our work culture is based on teamwork, which is why the importance of common space was emphasized in the new solution of the premises. We can now offer better services to our customers,” states Tomi Vainio, Regional Manager of Mechanical Engineering and HVAC Engineering.

With the exception of address, all contact details of CTS Engtec will remain the same.

Christmas Greetings from the Managing Director

The year 2019 is coming to its end and it is time to wind down for Christmas. In the past year, we have carried out demanding assignments and diversified our range of services. In Jyväskylä, we completed the Karibu asset deal and JEEC fusion, which gave us a strong foothold in Central Finland. Overall, our company has raised to a new level, to which each of us has contributed.

Our committed experts have been instrumental in coping with the most significant assignments in the history of our company. It has been great to witness the professional growth of all employees and the desire to upgrade their skills. Together, we have built the foundation for development, which will bring us success in the future as well.

In customer relations, mutual trust is paramount for us. Thanks to our long-standing customer relationships, we have been happy to engineer interesting and remarkable projects with our customers, in which our expertise has been appreciated. In particular, our customers’ will to develop their activity in a responsible manner in co-operation with us has been at the core of our operations. In 2020, we intend to continue as a pioneer in delivering responsible solutions.

Antti Lukka

Participation in the Hyvä Joulumieli Christmas Spirit Campaign 2019

Christmas is a time for giving, and in the same vein as the previous years, we want to honour our social responsibility by channelling the amount of money intended for Christmas presents to the Christmas Spirit collection campaign arranged by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and the Red Cross for the 23rd time. The funds from the collection will be transferred to families with children in the form of food gift vouchers worth € 70.

We chose the Christmas Spirit Campaign 2019 as the donation recipient since responsibility is part and parcel of our set of values and we want to target our support to those needing it. Our objective is to bring Christmas spirit to homes where Christmas celebrations would otherwise be impossible and to support children and adolescents in their future journey towards achieving their dreams.

Participation as a Technology Expert in the Bioconversion Plant Project of BioEnergo Oy

CTS Engtec participates in the bioconversion plant investment project of BioEnergo Oy in Pori as a technology expert. BioEnergo is making preparations for the construction of a plant at the Kaanaa industrial area. The project constitutes a significant investment into reduction of traffic-induced emissions. The plant is scheduled for completion in early 2023.

”For many years, CTS Engtec has been an important partner for BioEnergo in the development of the bioconversion project and technology. CTS’s role is significant in many ways and I am glad that as a result of our co-operation, we have proceeded to the next stage of the project,” says Timo Saini, Chairman of the Board of BioEnergo. “Project development is progressing towards investment decision and we will be happy to continue our collaboration with CTS.”

According to Antti Lukka, Managing Director of CTS Engtec, the BioEnergo project is an interesting endeavour that will further deepen the co-operation between the companies.

“BioEnergo has proceeded with the investment project in a purposeful and long-term manner, and CTS Engtec has participated as an expert from the early stages of the project. We bring to the project our extensive expertise in biotechnology and project development, as well as long experience in the process industry. With these elements, we can control the project,” Lukka says.

The primary product of the new plant will be second-generation bioethanol used as a petrol additive. As a secondary product, the plant produces a lot of solid lignin that can be used in place of oil-based bitumen. The plant’s third product contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases is biogas, which is becoming more and more popular as a transport fuel.

Our Helsinki Office Moved to Pitäjänmäki

Due to expanding operations, CTS Engtec’s office in Helsinki moved from its former location at Bulevardi 7 to Takomotie 8 in Pitäjämäki. The new premises provide opportunities for expansion of our operations in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and enable us to offer better services to our customers locally.

“Our new office premises are better adapted to modern work culture, thanks to their open floor plan and multiple conference rooms. Our operations are based on sharing knowledge and collaboration, and the new premises create good conditions for this. In the future, we will have better conditions for co-operating with our customers in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area locally. The premises at Pitäjämäki will also allow for increasing the number of employees at the Helsinki office,” says Antti Lukka, Managing Director of CTS Engtec.