Fimpec Node is a new kind of service model that combines international talents with industrial investments. We offer our customers country- and language-specific planning, engineering, and project management know-how and networks. Node also strengthens Fimpec’s presence in the international market and enlarges our abilities to serve our clientele within the industrial and energy sector also in Finland.

As Fimpec’s focus is large international industrial projects in different parts of the world, the company understands the need to combine global and local expertise.

“Through our new service, we want to offer our customers country- and language-specific planning, engineering, and project management know-how and increase the employment of international talent in Finland,” says Fimpec’s development director, Frans Jokinen.

New work environment for international talents

Jokinen points out that Fimpec Node also serves a greater purpose: “At the same time as there is a growing need for experts in Finland, we have many people from elsewhere who live, work, and study in Finland but cannot use their knowledge and skills to their full potential due to language barriers. We have created employment opportunities and a new work environment for highly educated professionals and students.”

“Fimpec Node is an international work environment in which we offer work corresponding to the skills of multilingual, international students and professionals who wish to immigrate to Finland. We value what international talent offers us, including language skills, experience in multicultural work environments, and adaptability,” says Ana Reinbold, a Brazilian who has lived in Finland since 2018 and is responsible for building the Fimpec Node team. She previously worked for Fimpec in Germany on a large industrial project.

Knowledge of European and western hemisphere markets

Fimpec Node will be able to provide teams with the necessary know-how and networks for customers operating internationally, including international Finnish companies and global companies looking to do business in Finland.

“Fimpec’s aim is to establish its international presence and serve a growing clientele within the industrial and energy sectors. Outside Finland, we have offices in Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Uruguay, and Chile. I am excited to see Fimpec Node play an important role in our global expansion,” says Jukka Nieminen, CEO of Fimpec Group.

Established in Otaniemi – a university area that is full of talent

“Our purpose is to create a work environment with an international atmosphere and our own work culture and way of working,” says Reinbold.

“We are now established in Otaniemi and want to create an environment in which the language issue does not limit what can be done but allows everyone to utilize their professional skills. In this regard, Otaniemi is a natural choice for starting our operations. It is a buzzing environment filled with ambitious international students and experienced professionals. With their help, we can create bridges to new target countries and expand our operations”, she explains.

Fimpec Node is creating a new kind of work environment and networks for international talent in Finland. The first “Node” began operating in Otaniemi in the Helsinki region at the beginning of November and will employ 20–30 people.

(In the photo above, Frans Jokinen and Ana Reinbold at the Aalto Talent Expo 2022 event in Otaniemi on November 10, 2022)

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