Within the framework of the Soihtu project, a new, separate sodium chlorate plant with auxiliary facilities was built at the Joutseno chlorate plant of Kemira. The new production line is based on Kemira’s own, patented technology; it nearly doubled the plant’s production.

Kemira invested approximately €50 million in the new production line, which is one of Kemira’s largest plant investments in its recent history in Finland. It was also the second largest industrial project in South Karelia in 2016-2017.

Construction commenced in June 2016. The construction and installation works proceeded on schedule; owing to this, the production and customer sales started even earlier than planned, in August 2017. During the busiest construction stage, about 200 persons worked at the work site.

Fimpec’s role in the project

Sweco Industry Oy served as the project’s comprehensive EPCM implementer. The project was carried out in the form of a project management contract. In the project, Fimpec Oy fulfilled its work site management obligations as part of Sweco’s project organisation. Five Fimpec employees participated in the project; Fimpec was responsible for:

  • Project construction management, including construction procurements
  • Building supervision
  • Work management
  • Safety management
  • Construction supervision
  • Cost and schedule monitoring

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