The ongoing energy transition is upending existing technologies and business models in heating and cooling. Production is rapidly becoming carbon neutral, thanks to trends such as electrification. Heat pumps, electric boilers and large-scale energy storages are becoming more and more common, and network dynamics are changing due to distributed energy resources and bi-directional power flow. As technology progresses, new innovative solutions are developing rapidly and offer completely new sources of heating.

Heating and cooling will no longer be separate businesses – instead, sector integration will connect them with the surrounding infrastructure: power grids, traffic systems and other industries. End customers are also asking for more, in terms of both the heating source and the service and pricing models. Localised, customer-end energy solutions are becoming more common, which will require better agility and new operational models of utility companies.

We at Fimpec are ready to tackle these challenges. Our services cover both conventional and new, innovative solutions in the production and transmission of district heating and cooling, down to the customer’s equipment. We can support our customers in heating and cooling projects all the way from preliminary roadmaps to further development, implementation planning and project management, including commissioning.

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