Various energy gases have a key role in the ongoing energy transition. The green hydrogen, biogases and biomethane[TK1]  are linked with big hopes in the green transition. They will be highly significant components of a smart energy system of the future, thanks to both their high efficiency and easy storing possibilities. Energy gases and gas networks are extremely important in terms of the security of energy supply, as they are suitable for balancing weather-dependent wind and solar power and because they offer additional possibilities for storing wind and solar energy. Furthermore, gases enable solutions for reducing emissions from traffic systems, such as heavy shipping and road transportation.

The importance of energy gases for the green transition is evident in the estimates and plans of various actors. In Europe alone, investments amounting to hundreds of billions of euros are planned in the production plants, transmission and distribution networks, and refueling stations of energy gases. Fimpec has long experience and expertise with the engineering and construction development of both gas production plants and various networks, refueling stations and consumer installations. We have particular expertise in Power-to-X projects as well as in biogases and biomethane.

We can offer our customers relevant expertise and consulting services in energy gases, all the way from concept design to implementation, supervision and commissioning. Our services can cover areas such as the dimensioning of production plants, networks or refueling stations, plant concepts and designs, procurement, and the actual construction projects.

Our biogas calculator helps calculate how much biogas can be produced from a specific type of biomass and how profitable the process is. It also gives an estimate of the capital expenditure required for the bioreactor.

Our areas of expertise in energy gases


  • P2G synthetic methane
  • Biogas and biomethane

Transmission and distribution

  • Transmission and distribution networks
  • Refueling stations for liquified and pressurised methane
  • Storages of liquified methane


  • Industrial fuels and raw materials
  • Fuel for road and maritime transportation
  • Balancing power, reserve power & CHP
  • Hybrid solutions