Electrification is an ongoing trend also in heating, and as fossil fuels become more expensive, heat pumps and electric boilers are already profitable investments. In the future, they will be increasingly necessary to create a diverse mix of district heating sources.

Our services cover:

  • Consulting services related to dimensioning, optimising and integrating heat pumps and electric boilers into the district heating system
  • Mapping of heat sources and concept development for the heat pump process
  • Implementation and feasibility studies
  • Preliminary design and design, including plant design (all areas of engineering), plant dimensioning, technical specifications and inquiry data, etc.
  • Development and project management services, including:
    – Equipment procurement (inquiries and recommendations)
    – Expediting
    – Commissioning services
    – Scheduling and cost management

We assume the role of EPCM or OE in projects, or act as an engineering partner, based on the customer’s needs.