Various industry sectors feel an increasing need to use energy efficiently and to adopt new efficiency-related solutions. As an engineering and implementation specialist in the energy industry and process manufacturing, Fimpec can respond to this need with a wide range of solutions. Our expertise is available for industrial energy efficiency projects, heat recovery systems and upgrades of production for own use.

In energy efficiency projects and heat recovery systems, we look for smarter ways to use energy, recover waste energy, recycle energy and utilise heat pump technology. Modern systems use the same equipment for both heating and cooling and even for storing heat. This eliminates unnecessary energy flows and electricity consumption, reduces CO2 emissions and lowers costs.  To upgrade energy production for own use, we can apply new heat pump technologies that can heat water to more than 120 degrees centigrade for district heating.

In addition to expertise in new technologies, a deep understanding of process manufacturing is our strength in boosting industrial energy efficiency. We have participated in the engineering and implementation of a large number of various industrial production plants. We know them and we understand how they work and the characteristics of the industrial production process.