The utilisation of new technologies is a necessary key component of the ongoing energy transition and carbon-neutrality ambitions. Power-to-X technologies, carbon capture and geothermal energy offer completely new possibilities for energy production and cutting emissions.

Power-to-X technologies make it possible to produce renewable fuels, such as hydrogen, methane and ammonia, with zero emissions using wind and solar power. They also enable storing surplus electricity from wind and solar power plants in a transferrable form.

Furthermore, geothermal energy is currently nearly always one of the alternatives when surveying the possibilities for a new heating solution. It is also an increasingly relevant option, thanks to new geothermal solutions brought by the energy transition.

Fimpec is at the leading edge of new technologies and a keen partner in pilot projects. This enables us to offer our customers relevant expertise and consulting services focusing on these new technologies, all the way from concept design to plant construction and commissioning. Our services cover the dimensioning of production plants, plant concepts and designs, procurements, and project management for the actual construction projects.

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