Construction work on Jujo Thermal’s Shieldplus packaging material production facilities is complete

Fimpec (CTS Engtec Oy) offered Jujo Thermal technical engineering and consulting services from the feasibility study phase to commissioning in an investment project that enabled the production of the new, environmentally friendly Shieldplus product range.

Eura-based Jujo Thermal Oy is introducing its new, environmentally friendly Shieldplus packaging material to the markets. Industrial production at the company’s mill required significant construction and modernisation work, which saw the thermal coating kitchen in the production facilities extended to meet production needs for the new product range. The project was completed on schedule in September 2020.

Fimpec (CTS Engtec Oy) participated in the project from the feasibility study phase and was responsible for mechanical, steel structural, process, electrical, automation and HVAC engineering. In addition to engineering services, CTS Engtec offered Jujo Thermal support with project management, participated in procurement, and was responsible for installation supervision for mechanical, steel structural, automation, and HVAC installations during the construction phase, and for commissioning of the process. Documentation management was also organised using CTS Engtec’s system.

Completion through good collaboration

The project, which has now been implemented, is a continuation of the long-term collaboration between the companies. CTS Engtec has previously been involved in implementing equipment development projects for Jujo Thermal, so it was already familiar with the industry, mill processes, equipment, and piping.

“CTS Engtec was a natural choice of partner for us. We had a good experience with the last big project we collaborated on 15 years ago, and since we would be working with the same people this time around, we were confident that the result would be good,” explains project manager Juha-Pekka Kaivola from Jujo Thermal.

“Our expectations were also met in practice. Collaboration was smooth, with no problems, and we kept to the schedule. I’d like to thank the people from CTSE who worked on the project for their project and process skills. The project went so smoothly in part because they were already familiar with the mill.” he adds.

Harri Soininen, who worked as project manager for the project at CTS Engtec, and Matti Gren, who was responsible for mechanical engineering and site coordination, are also satisfied with the collaboration and project progress.

“We collaborated closely throughout the entire project. In the busiest engineering phase, we held meetings once a week, and Matti Gren from CTS Engtec’s Turku office was on site in Kauttua as our contact person throughout the engineering and construction phase. That meant that we could answer the customer’s questions and react quickly to any changes,” Soininen says.

“I had the advantage of being involved in previous Jujo Thermal projects, and I took part in this project right from the start. Kai Kuoppa, who works at the Turku office, also played an important role as he is thoroughly familiar with the Kauttua mill from earlier projects. This kind of customer commitment to continuity also motivated us engineers just as much as the end product’s environmental friendliness and its importance to consumers,” adds Gren.

Skills from different offices

The project made use of skills from CTS Engtec’s different offices. Locally, the Turku office took on main responsibility, and some of the engineering took place in Kouvola.

“We’ve noticed that this is a good operating method that offers flexibility when it comes to resources. As work is carried out in the same engineering environment, it doesn’t matter as such where your work desk is,” says Soininen.

The SHIELDPLUS® product range is designed especially for food industry packaging. It is manufactured from a paper-based material with properties that provide excellent protection against oxygen, moisture, and fragrances. The fully recyclable material is made from wood-based fibre and coated with a water-based protective coating.

Jujo Thermal Oy is a Kauttua-based company that specialises in manufacturing special thermal papers and coated papers for use as tickets, labels, and receipts. It exports the majority of its products. The company was founded in 1992. It employs around 200 people and has an annual turnover of around 100 million euros. Jujo Thermal is owned by the Japanese company Nippon Paper

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