Fimpec chosen as main consultant in Helen’s Hanasaari electric boiler project

Energy company Helen and Fimpec have signed a cooperation agreement for EPCM consulting services for the electric boiler solution project to be implemented at the Hanasaari heating plant. Fimpec will act as the main consultant in the project, and is responsible for project management, engineering and procurement.

Helen has set a goal to become a carbon-neutral energy company by 2030. To increase carbon-neutral heat production, Helen is constructing an electric boiler solution with a district heating capacity of 140 MW at the Hanasaari heating plant.

The Hanasaari heating plant in Helsinki is a boiler plant built in 2008 with six oil boilers for peak load and reserve production of district heating. To increase sustainable energy production, three hot water electrode boilers with process auxiliary equipment will be installed in the boiler room of the heating plant.

The electric boiler project will utilize the existing district heating and electricity grid infrastructure in the area, as well as the 110 kV electricity grid connection and generator transformer released from the Hanasaari B power plant, which can be used for the electric boilers’ power supply.

The project commenced for Fimpec in April 2023. Fimpec acts as the main consultant in the project using the EPCM implementation method, and is responsible for engineering project management, procurement, and construction management.

Fimpec’s Business Unit Director Sami Nissinen praises the cooperation with Helen.

“We have collaborated with Helen before, but the EPCM implementation method was chosen as a new solution for the electric boiler project. The implementation method has enabled flexible solutions tailored to client’s needs, and we continue on the proven track in the project,” Nissinen says.

The goal of the electric boiler project is to significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels and enable a more sustainable energy production in Finland.

“This cooperation also provides Fimpec with a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of Finnish energy production towards a clean transition,” Nissinen adds.

Facing the clean transition with new solutions

Fimpec has progressed to a full-time engineering phase in the project. Procurement services have been carried out in collaboration with Helen, and construction activities have begun.

“Helen perceives the EPCM implementation method as apt for the execution of projects of this nature. The basic and pre-engineering as well as procurement have progressed on schedule, and the construction site is also progressing accordingly,” says Helen’s Senior Project Manager Timo Saarnio.

“I feel that the energy expertise of Fimpec’s professionals and its ongoing development will facilitate our operations in similar projects in the future amidst this new era of energy transition,” Nissinen concludes.

The electric boiler project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2024.

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