Fimpec engages in innovative collaboration on district heating and cooling networks

Fimpec has been providing engineering, construction management, and documentation services for Helen’s district heating and cooling networks since September 2022. This evolving collaboration supports Helen in building a green transition.

In the summer of 2022, the service agreement for the engineering, construction management, and documentation of district heating and cooling networks marked the beginning of a new type of partnership for both Helen and Fimpec, benefiting both parties. For Helen, it has provided a way to focus on its core business and implement its strategy towards carbon-neutral energy production. For Fimpec, it has meant expanding its service offerings and strengthening its district heating expertise, as Helen’s DHC network design and construction management team became part of Fimpec.

The experiences from the one and a half years of collaboration have been positive. Tasks have been handled as agreed, and operations have been developed and streamlined by adopting more efficient working methods.

“We are on a promising partnership path, planning and executing together to create a better future and add value for Helen’s customers,” states Lauri Utriainen, Director responsible for district heating distribution at Helen.

“The first eighteen months have been about growing together and developing the partnership. It’s a new way of handling things for both parties, so processes and practices had to be advanced to fully leverage the collaboration. We have contributed our expertise, resources, and flexible approach to Helen,” says Sami Nissinen, Fimpec’s Business Unit Director responsible for Energy services.

He continues by emphasizing the importance of the collaboration, noting that district heating and cooling are central to Fimpec’s operations within the clean energy sector. They are seen as playing a crucial role in the future, both as a reliable heat source and a means to promote a clean transition.

“District heating offers excellent opportunities for carbon-neutral energy production. It enables the centralized and efficient utilization of various heat sources and energy storage.”

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