Fimpec took on multiple roles in the Kymijärvi III bio-heating plant project

From 2015–2020, Lahti Energia developed a new Kymijärvi III bio-heating plant to replace the old Kymijärvi I coal power plant at the Kymijärvi power plant area in Lahti. Fimpec (CTS Engtec, Fundacon and Fimpec) was involved in the project’s preparation, engineering, and implementation phases.

In the Kymijärvi III bio-heating plant project, Lahti Energia developed a new, biofuel-powered bio-heating plant for the Kymijärvi power plant area. It replaced Kymijärvi I, a coal-powered power plant commissioned in the 1970s.

The new plant will reduce Lahti Energia’s carbon dioxide emissions by 600,000 tonnes per year. Its district heating power is approximately 190 MW and its main fuel is certified biomass. The plant will be equipped with heat recovery, which will increase the rate of reuse to a high level. The plant will use CFB multifuel technology.

Overall investment in the plant totals 180 million euros and its employment impact is around 1000 person-years. The site employs a maximum of 550–600 people. This is the largest investment of all time in the Lahti region.

Fimpec in the Kymijärvi III bio-heating plant project

Fimpec took on several different roles in the Kymijärvi III bio-heating plant project. As the owner’s engineer (OE) Fimpec (Fundacon) was responsible for tendering the project’s EPCM engineering consulting (public procurement), including the compilation of tendering material and procurement negotiations. Fimpec was also responsible for managing and coordinating project procurements, and for the technical and commercial procurement negotiations. There were around 100 procurement packages, of which 13 were public procurements.

In engineering, Fimpec (CTS Engtec) was responsible for process, mechanical, HVAC and automation implementation engineering.

During the construction phase, Fimpec was responsible for work site management and supervision. During this phase, the project employed a total of 10 people from Fimpec. The main tasks were:

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