Olli-Matti Airiola appointed as the Operational Director for Fimpec’s Project Management Services in Kokkola

Olli-Matti Airiola (M.Sc.) has been appointed as the Operational Director for Fimpec PMO’s Project Management Services in the Kokkola region. Airiola strengthens Fimpec with expertise in water utilities, infrastructure, and industrial processes. In his role, he will be responsible for growing the business, sales, and construction management services in his region.

Starting on February 1, 2024, as the Operational Director for Project Management Services in Kokkola, Olli-Matti Airiola brings comprehensive and diverse expertise to Fimpec in the conceptual development of industrial areas and the execution and management of construction and infrastructure projects.

Airiola has previously served as the CEO of KIP Service Oy and Kokkolan Teollisuusvesi Oy. As the CEO of KIP Service, he was responsible for creating and developing various service, product, and pricing models on the Kokkola industrial estate, and leading their implementation.

In his role as Operational Director, he will be responsible for the project management and leadership tasks in the industrial and energy sectors, as well as sales and customer relationship management in his designated area. As the business area in Kokkola evolves, Airiola will also act as a supervisor and developer within the organization. He will report to Mikko Turunen, the Managing Director of Fimpec PMO.

“I have strong networks in many of Finland’s industrial areas, in addition to KIP. I believe that my extensive expertise in the development of industrial areas and project management of industrial investments can be utilized in the growing Fimpec. The numerous investment projects planned for the Kokkola area also bring positive prospects for Fimpec’s future,” anticipates Airiola.

According to Mikko Turunen, Airiola’s move to Fimpec significantly strengthens the company’s local expertise on the west coast and is part of the determined implementation of the growth strategy.

“Airiola’s expertise diversifies Fimpec’s service offerings in the development of industrial parks and project management services. With Airiola’s experience and extensive networks, we have the opportunity to expand our operations to Central Ostrobothnia in line with our growth strategy,” Turunen states.

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CEO, Fimpec PMO Oy
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