Participation as a Technology Expert in the Bioconversion Plant Project of BioEnergo Oy

The bioconversion plant project of BioEnergo Oy is a major investment in reduction of traffic-induced emissions. CTS Engtec participates in the project as a technology expert.

CTS Engtec participates in the bioconversion plant investment project of BioEnergo Oy in Pori as a technology expert. BioEnergo is making preparations for the construction of a plant at the Kaanaa industrial area. The project constitutes a significant investment into reduction of traffic-induced emissions. The plant is scheduled for completion in early 2023.

”For many years, CTS Engtec has been an important partner for BioEnergo in the development of the bioconversion project and technology. CTS’s role is significant in many ways and I am glad that as a result of our co-operation, we have proceeded to the next stage of the project,” says Timo Saini, Chairman of the Board of BioEnergo. “Project development is progressing towards investment decision and we will be happy to continue our collaboration with CTS.”

According to Antti Lukka, Managing Director of CTS Engtec, the BioEnergo project is an interesting endeavour that will further deepen the co-operation between the companies.

“BioEnergo has proceeded with the investment project in a purposeful and long-term manner, and CTS Engtec has participated as an expert from the early stages of the project. We bring to the project our extensive expertise in biotechnology and project development, as well as long experience in the process industry. With these elements, we can control the project,” Lukka says.

The primary product of the new plant will be second-generation bioethanol used as a petrol additive. As a secondary product, the plant produces a lot of solid lignin that can be used in place of oil-based bitumen. The plant’s third product contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases is biogas, which is becoming more and more popular as a transport fuel.

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