Stora Enso’s Oulu converting project progresses, intensive planning phase commen­cing at Fimpec

Extensive experience in major converting and modernization projects in the forest industry, skilled planners, effective coordination of work, and suitable tools are the factors enabling Fimpec to carry out the agreed planning assignment with Stora Enso. The assignment involves converting paper machine 6 into a consumer packaging board line in Oulu.

Stora Enso’s billion-dollar project, announced in October 2022, to convert the decommissioned paper machine 6 at the Oulu plant into a consumer packaging board line has reached a stage where Fimpec is fully engaged in the implementation planning.

“Planning has commenced, and we have progressed from basic engineering to detailed planning. We are also starting the installation documentation. The planning workload will peak in the next couple of months and will continue at this level for a few more months. The aim is to have the most intensive phase completed by the summer,” says Reijo Parkkinen, Sales and Project Manager at Fimpec, leading the project.

“In terms of size, this is one of the largest planning assignments for us. It is, therefore, a significant project where we can truly showcase our expertise,” he continues.

Fimpec’s responsibilities in the project’s implementation planning phase include process, plant, piping, process electrical, building electrical, instrumentation, and HVAC engineering. Previously, Fimpec has been involved in the pre-engineering of the project.

“So far, the work has progressed well in terms of planning. Good cooperation with Stora Enso has played a crucial role. We have moved forward in good agreement,” Parkkinen assesses.

A Suitable Assignment for Fimpec

Harri Soininen, Business Unit Director of Fimpec Engineering, describes the project as a suitable assignment for Fimpec. It combines the requirement for planning expertise in the forest industry and converting projects.

“We have experience in similar projects and the necessary capabilities to carry them out. Above all, it requires skilled individuals, designers who know their job. On the other hand, we need good tools, and one of our strengths is an integrated planning environment for handling design information. The third important aspect is effective work coordination,” he lists.

“I want to emphasize the professionalism and competence of our designers. Their significance only grows in projects like these, which involve surprises as functions are planned for existing spaces. The ability for change management is crucial,” Parkkinen adds.

Familiar Environment for Fimpec: Stora Enso’s Oulu Factory

A unique aspect of the ongoing project is that Stora Enso’s Oulu Mill is a familiar working environment for Fimpec. There is a history of assignments and collaboration with Stora Enso related to this pulp and paper mill.

“We were responsible for part of the implementation planning and construction services when the Oulu Mill second paper machine (PK 7) was converted to produce corrugated board surface paper in a project completed in 2021. We also planned both of the original paper machines in the 1990s, so we have a close relationship with this factory,” Soininen and Parkkinen explain.

More information about the project is available on Stora Enso’s website

» Stora Enso is laying the foundation for the future of circular packaging in Oulu, Finland

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