The Pro Nemus Visitor Centre built under the management of Fimpec is The Exemplary Building of 2018

Metsä Group’s Pro Nemus Visitor Centre in Äänekoski built under the management of Fimpec is The Exemplary Building of 2018. Fimpec Oy was responsible for the project’s construction management and supervision.

The Pro Nemus Visitor Centre of Metsä Group at the Äänekoski bioproduct mill territory completed in spring 2018 is a special building in many respects. It offers a novel way for getting to know the forest industry through experience and action. At the same time, it is an architectural reference telling about Metsä Group and its products.

On the 8th of March, Pro Nemus received a valuable recognition: it was declared The Exemplary Building of 2018 by Keski-Suomen Rakennusinsinöörit ja -arkkitehdit (K-S RIA ry). The solutions used in the building itself and in the construction management were praised as the basis for acknowledgement.

According to the argumentation, the Healthy House criteria have been considered in an exemplary manner in the construction process – for example, by assembling the building’s frame entirely under weather protection. It was also noted that the construction process only lasted seven months, owing to, inter alia, the weather protection and use of wooden elements as building materials.

Ecological values and integration of art into the building were emphasized as well. The installation artwork in the lobby of Pro Nemus was selected as a result of an installation competition aimed at design students. The artwork made of softwood pulp was designed by students of the Aalto University.

Fimpec Oy was responsible for Pro Nemus construction management and supervision. Of Fimpec personnel, Marko Mäkimartti served as the Project Manager, Tero Tiitinen as the Building Supervisor, and Jari Koskela as the Building Services Expert.

K-S RIA ry functions as the professional and ideological advocate of construction engineers, architects, milieu designers, and master builders. K-S RIA ry has nominated Exemplary Buildings since the year 1982. The award ceremony will take place in connection with the Jyväskylä Building Fair; it is aimed at highlighting exemplary sites characterised by high construction quality.

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