The year is coming to an end and it’s time for festive celebrations to begin. The year has certainly been exceptional for all of us. The challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic have been seen extensively in business here in Finland and abroad, and the challenges forced us at short notice to seek new methods of carrying out design work that ensures all of our safety.

In March 2020, our company made the transition to telecommuting to slow the spread of coronavirus. We succeeded in effectively creating new operating methods for our work that meant we were able to successfully see our customers’ projects through to completion. Through collaboration, we were able to turn the challenges into strengths. Our personnel’s unwavering perseverance and flexibility have allowed our company to grow and develop its business operations despite the prevailing situation.

Our customer relationships have strengthened further over the past year. Our customers’ continuous development work has also guaranteed that our workload remained reasonable even during such an exceptional year. We would like to thank our customers for their trust in our company and in our experts; we were able to end 2020 on a path to growth while improving our result from last year.

Our company is part of the Smaragdus Group, which has this year expanded its business operations both in Finland and abroad. In June, Smaragdus expanded operations to Sweden through the corporate acquisition of Fundacon AB, procured expertise in the energy sector through the acquisition of Fundacon Oy, and in late autumn strengthened its foothold in projects in the Baltic region after purchasing the Estonian company Heatconsult OÜ. This expansion has enabled growth and internationalisation for the entire Group. Together we have won tenders that we would not previously have been able to fulfil.

In 2021, we will continue our customer-oriented work with new projects. We will continue to develop our services in order to bring more innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers in the future, too.

Antti Lukka

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