Fimpec Oy established a subsidiary, Fimpec Deutschland GmbH, in the Leipzig region of Germany. Fimpec Deutschland GmbH will be responsible for local project management, construction management and supervision services of its clients’ investment projects in Germany and elsewhere in Central Europe.

Fimpec has made significant investments in international growth and development in recent years, first in South America with the establishment of Fimpec Uruguay S.A. and now also in Germany. Due to establishment of Fimpec Deutschland GmbH, the company’s market position in Central Europe can be strengthened. The establishment of the German subsidiary is part of Fimpec’s long-term growth strategy.

Teppo Grén, Chief Operating Officer of Fimpec Oy, has been appointed as CEO of Fimpec Deutschland GmbH. He sees demand and suitable market potential for Fimpec’s project management and construction expertise in the Central European market.

“In particular, the energy industry and the construction of biorefineries are growing strongly in Germany. We have extensive experience of large projects at Finland and abroad in the forest, pulp and energy industries, and we saw the export of this knowledge to Germany as a suitable international market niche for us. Our operating model, with which we have successfully carried out projects in Finland, also fits well with the German approach”, says Teppo Grén, CEO of Fimpec Deutschland GmbH.

Fimpec Deutschland GmbH has already started its first project in Germany, and the project is expected to last until the end of 2022. The project will employ 15 experts from Fimpec in project and construction management services. The goal for growing the business is high in the future.

“Fimpec’s experts have already worked on several projects in Germany and Central Europe, and we have strong experience in international construction projects. Fimpec’s growth and development have shown that there is a genuine need for our services at the client interface, so internationalization to the familiar ground are an inherent continuum in our growth strategy. We want to be the most desirable partner also in Germanyfor project management and construction projects”, Grén sums up.

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