Finnish Fimpec has grown on an international scale – modern project management requires a bold attitude to collaboration

The Group comprising engineering company CTS Engtec Oy, project management specialist Fimpec Oy and energy industry expert Fundacon Oy will continue operations under the Fimpec name. The new Fimpec Group aims at strong international growth in an industry where flexible problem-solving in project management significantly reduces project risks and costs. Modern leadership diversifies industry experts’ job descriptions and role as problem-solvers.

Fimpec is a project consultant for challenging industrial and energy industry sites and an expert in the property and infrastructure sectors, and it wishes to further distinguish itself as a modern leader in a traditional industry. In investment projects, this means the deconstruction of familiar roles on open and interactive problem-solving terms.

“We must be ready and genuinely willing to listen, collaborate, and discuss,” explains Antti Lukka, CEO of Fimpec Group Oy. “Traditional projects always involve certain roles, but we believe that better results are achieved by approaching problem-solving from a shared project perspective rather than a role-oriented one. Our business comes from projects that are by nature complex and challenging,” Lukka adds. “But we have the passion to succeed.”

In practice, service packages must always be adapted to meet the needs of the project and the customer. Flexibility applies to processes, the search for construction solutions, and a schedule that takes economic cycles into account. Lukka believes that the interface between packages and the willingness to collaborate set project management companies apart: there is often a fear that anyone proposing a new kind of solution will end up footing the bill. Everyone benefits from Fimpec’s integrated project delivery method, which also works with smaller packages – the operating method is key.

“All projects are always full of problems and challenges. One actor can create many problems, but no single actor can solve any problem alone,” explains Lukka. “Challenges are best solved by coming together around the same table, rather than shouting across from another.”

Aiming at a turnover of EUR 50 million and the best talent in the industry in the next few years

Fimpec has its roots in Finnish companies whose owners have been involved in operations right from the start. Committed ownership has provided a stable funding base and has strengthened Fimpec’s wide range of skills.

“Our growth strategy has fallen into place naturally as a result of corporate acquisitions and business development. Thanks to the uniform Fimpec brand, our outer appearance now corresponds to our daily service provision. We are already very close to what we were aiming for a few years ago,” says Lukka.

“Growth through corporate acquisitions supports organic growth if the strengths of the different companies complement one another. Fimpec’s roots are in our different companies, which have very few overlaps: our range of services naturally cover both a project’s life cycle and the services required for the project. Now we’re seeking strength from a unified and common goal, and we are also providing added value to existing services.”

Having tripled its turnover in three years, the Group is now aiming at a turnover of EUR 50 million and international growth in the next few years, especially in the Baltic countries, Sweden, Germany, and South America. In addition to project exports, the company is seeking growth directly from foreign customers. Around one third of business currently comes from abroad, and in 3-5 years the aim is for that share to be around 50 per cent.

In Finland, project management is under way on the construction of MetsäFibre’s new bioproduct mill in Kemi, where Fimpec has been involved in seeing the project through right from the early engineering phase.

The availability of experts in a growing industry has forced Fimpec to think about how to replace retiring aging groups with the best talent using a job description that attracts today’s experts. So far, Fimpec has managed well, which Lukka puts down to Fimpec’s flexible culture, its rapid pace of development, and the company’s status as an industry challenger. Nevertheless, a growth company continuously needs new people.

“Growth and a major shake-up of working life have required a clear change to how experts are individually managed and motivated. There’s a lot more to it than simply working long hours with your nose to the grindstone. Fortunately, those times are behind us. Work should be interesting, and tasks must involve the same modernity and agility as the company,” Lukka explains.

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The Fimpec Group comprises Fimpec Engineering Oy (CTS Engtec Oy), Fimpec PMO Oy (Fimpec Oy), Fimpec Energy Oy (Fundacon Oy), Fimpec Energy AB (Fundacon AB), FimpecDeutschlandGmbH, Fimpec Uruguay S.A, Fimpec Chile SpA, SystemTest OÜ and Fimpec Group Oy (Smaragdus Oy). The name changes will not result in any direct changes to the companies’ operations or customer relationships.

Fimpec is a top specialist in the field of project management and engineering. We act as project consultants in major investment projects in the industrial and energy industries, and as experts in the property and infrastructure sectors. We employ 260 professionals in 7 countries, and our turnover in 2020 was €25.7 million.

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