Fingrid and Fimpec Collabo­rate on Gas Turbine Unit Transfer Project

Transmission system operator Fingrid has entered into a collaboration agreement with Fimpec for EPCM consulting services for the transfer project of three Frame 5 gas turbine units. Fimpec serves as the main implementer in the project, and is responsible for engineering, procurement, and construction management.

Fingrid has initiated the transfer project of backup power plants in Vaskiluoto and Tahkoluoto in collaboration with Fimpec for basic and procurement planning. These backup power plants ensure the uninterrupted operation of the electrical system, and the transfer of gas turbine units ensures their use throughout their lifecycle. The backup power plants in Vaskiluoto and Tahkoluoto will be relocated to the Huutokoski backup power plant in Joroinen, Northern Savonia. The Vaskiluoto backup power plant includes one 26-megawatt Frame 5 gas turbine unit, currently stored disassembled in Vaasa. The Tahkoluoto backup power plant in Pori consists of two 26-megawatt Frame 5 gas turbine units.

Optimal project scope

Fimpec has initiated the project in August 2023. In the first phase, Fimpec acts as the main contractor using a project management model covering project management services, as well as basic, procurement, and implementation planning services. The EPCM model, previously successfully implemented by Fimpec, ensures that projects can be initiated quickly by including both project management and design services.

Sami Nissinen, Fimpec’s Chief Operating Officer, describes the project as optimal for Fimpec.

“We have a long track record of delivering large-scale projects, but this is the first project of this scope with Fingrid This is an excellent opportunity for us to develop our services and operations in a customer-centric manner, so that the project collaboration is successful in the long run,” he explains.

Collaborative spirit right from the beginning

According to Nissinen, the project has progressed smoothly on schedule, and Fimpec’s way of working has proven to be rewarding in collaboration with Fingrid.

“Communication has worked well on both sides. Fingrid has been able to influence the project content, and Fimpec’s flexible service model has ensured lightweight and smooth decision-making. The produced material has been excellent, and procurement has started quickly. The collaborative spirit has been present from the beginning,” he describes.

“The EPCM consultant for the project was selected through a special sector-specific public procurement procedure. The selection was influenced not only by the price but also by Fimpec’s and the responsible persons’ good references. The collaboration with Fimpec has started well. Fimpec’s plans have been of high quality, and the responsible persons listen to Fingrid’s needs and take them into account very well. The discussion has been open and fruitful,” says Jarmo Hämäläinen, Fingrid’s project manager.

In the first phase, the EPCM agreement between Fimpec and Fingrid covers project management services, as well as basic, procurement, and implementation planning services. The second phase of the project is broader than the previous one and includes, in addition to project management services, also monitoring of deliveries and contracts, construction supervision services, quality assurance, safety and regulatory matters, site management, and site supervision, as well as commissioning services, where the consultant acts as the main contractor in accordance with the Government Decree on the Safety of Construction Work (VnA 205/2009).

The final investment decision on the continuation of the project will be made in the spring of 2024.

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