Fimpec Oy’s strong development continues, supported by new ownership

Fimpec Oy, a construction and project management expert company, ensures the continuation of growth and development through a new ownership solution.

Fimpec Oy, founded in 2009, is Finland’s leading supplier of construction and project management services. Thanks to determined development and increased operations, the company has achieved a good market position, has a broad customer base and brings high-quality services to customers. In order to secure the company’s growth, the company’s founders have decided to seek a company-owned ownership solution that supports development and growth.

Fimpec’s new owner will be Finnish Smaragdus-Group. The Smaragdus-Group is owned by Finnish professional private investors and companies with significant expertise in businesses related to investment projects. The Smaragdus-Group is managed by Helmet Capital and it also own the CTS Engtec Group, one of Finland’s leading suppliers of industrial design services.

Timo-Pekka Aaltonen, Teppo Grén, Marko Mäkimartti, and Pekka Salomaa, former owners of Fimpec, will continue to work for the company and become major shareholders of the new group.

Fimpec will continue to operate as a separate company and Teppo Grén will continue as CEO and Pekka Salomaa as Chairman of the Board. The change of ownership has no personnel impact and in the future Fimpec will increase its personnel.

“In nearly ten years, Fimpec has grown into an expert organization of nearly 60 professionals. With our new ownership structure, we will build the foundation for a wider range of Fimpec services. To ensure the continuity of our company, we expand our ownership to existing key employees and create clear career paths for talented future employees. With the new corporate administration, we will be able to invest more in serving our customers at different stages of the projects”, summarizes Pekka Salomaa, Chairman of the Board of Fimpec.

“Fimpec is a top company in the industry and customers rely on that. The company has achieved its position through long-term work and has at the same time established a good basis for developing its operations. Fimpec’s extensive and comprehensive expertise, as well as strong and long-term customer relationships, enable to expand operations and develop new services. Here we can work together more effectively”,says Timo Hyvönen, Chairman of the Board of Smaragdus Oy.

Fimpec’s good development is driven by the lively investment market in Finland and the company’s extensive and high-quality service offering. Fimpec has successfully increased its services and expanded its operations to new customer sectors. The roots of the company’s operations and the special expertise of its personnel are in the investment projects of forest and energy industries. Over the past three years, the company has expanded its operations to business premises construction and real estate, as well as to infrastructure projects.

“Success is driven by high-quality personnel committed to the customer’s goals and highly polished service concepts with the Lean-based operating model. These facts customers appreciate and are ready to order from us”, says Teppo Grén, CEO of Fimpec.


Fimpec Oy is an international project management company that provides comprehensive project management services for large industrial investments, commercial and office buildings and public buildings and infrastructure projects. Fimpec combine the expertise of internationally experienced experts and extensive expert network into a comprehensive service package.

Helmet Capital Oy Ab is a Finnish private equity firm specializing in the ownership and industrial development of unlisted growth companies, which has invested more than 50 companies. Helmet is invested by a number of domestic and foreign professionally invested individuals, insurance companies and other institutions. Helmet’s driving force is a group of experienced Finnish industry leaders.

CTS Engtec Oy, founded in 1973, is an international design, project management and consulting company that produces engineering, project management and expert services for the energy, forest, mining, metal, petrochemical and chemical industries. Services include pre-planning, implementation planning, environmental technology, project management and maintenance services.

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