CTS Engtec to Expand Its Ownership

The engineering, project management, and consulting company CTS Engtec strengthens its operations by involving a new owner. The Nordic Mezzanine fund, which has been the main shareholder until now, is giving up its shares, thereby creating an opportunity for involvement of new investors. Antti Lukka, Managing Director, and Harri Soininen, Director, Project Management, will continue as notable individual shareholders.

Due to good profitability, increased customer base and a wider range of services, CTS Engtec Oy opened negotiations with new investors regarding ownership arrangements. After discussions with prospective buyers and thorough investigations, the company’s owners decided to accept an offer regarding the new ownership structure.

The new principal owner of the company will be an investor group managed by Helmet Capital, which consists of professional private person investors, insurance companies, and other institutions. Helmet Capital has substantial expertise in engineering and project management, which can be utilised in the development of CTS Engtec.

“CTS is an example of a well-managed SME with a high growth potential. It has extensive and strong expertise, significant long-term customer relationships and the ability to create new services for a wide range of customers,” says Timo Hyvönen, Partner, Helmet Capital.

“With the involvement of Helmet Capital, we will create a stronger foundation for future development and growth of the company, as well as strengthen our position as the provider of services of the highest quality in the field. The objective of our growth strategy will be strengthening of our range of services and expanding of our geographical coverage both organically and through acquisitions,” says Antti Lukka, Managing Director of CTS Engtec.

“I am looking forward with interest and enthusiasm to the possibilities created by the new ownership structure and expertise.”

The Restructuring Programme to Be Completed Sooner than Expected

In connection with the broadening of the ownership, CTS will complete the restructuring programme much sooner than expected. The restructuring programme will be terminated by one-off payment of the company’s remaining obligations.

“Meeting of our obligations arising from the restructuring programme well ahead of schedule is another proof of the company’s good development. Termination of the restructuring programme will allow the company to develop its operations in a more market-driven manner and in line with the goals established by the owners,” Lukka says.

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