Fimpec’s growth and internationalisation continued in 2020 as part of the company’s strategy. Its turnover rose to 10.2 million euros (7.9 million euros in 2019), an increase of around 30 per cent on the previous year.

Fimpec’s CEO Mikko Turunen says that the company’s growth is the result of determined work to achieve set goals.

“The numbers show the determined work we’ve carried out to implement our strategy. Our results indicate that there is demand both in Finland and abroad for a flexible and competent company implementing top international operating methods like Fimpec.”

Particular to 2020 was a significant increase in turnover from outside of Finland, which rose to around one quarter of the total turnover from a share of less than 10 per cent in 2019. Outside of Finland, Fimpec operates in particular in Uruguay, Chile and Germany, where it has subsidiaries.

“A large part of the growth in turnover came from our international operations. Large projects are under way in both Uruguay and Germany, and other projects are in the pipeline.

Turnover in Finland also increased, which indicates that our operations have become consolidated and that our customers trust our competence in our domestic market area, too,” says Turunen.

According to Turunen, 2021 has started as expected, and he believes that the company will see strong growth this year, too.

“2021 has got off to a promising start. The projects that are under way are progressing at full speed both in Finland and abroad, and we are starting new projects which will see us far into the future,” states Fimpec’s CEO Mikko Turunen.

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