Kosti Koski has been appointed as Director of Fimpec’s energy business as of August 2021. In his role, Koski is responsible for growing and developing Fimpec’s energy business and the internationalization of the energy sector. A key part of Koski’s assignment is to multiply the volume of project exports from the domestic, Baltic and Swedish energy businesses and the energy sector in co-operation with other business management.

The focus of Koski’s expertise is in strategic management and sales expertise. He says strategic management covers much more than business strategy planning. For example, developing a business management system and bringing a client perspective to the entire organization are missions that are close to his heart.

Special competence with strategic management and sales expertise

Kosti Koski has a Master’s degree in energy technology and a Master’s degree in economics. In addition to a diverse educational background, Koski has a diverse work history. He has most recently served as sales Director of a multidisciplinary design office. In the past, Koski has, among other things, led Helen’s refrigeration business in a period of strong growth and investment.

Fimpec was not already familiar to Koski, but he was impressed by the company’s growth goals and strong expertise in the energy sector.

“At Fimpec, I was particularly attracted to the ambitious growth target. Here nobody expects jobs to pop out of nowhere. It is extremely important for the success of the consulting business to have a client-oriented team that listens to the clients and genuinely provides services to the needs of the client. Fimpec already has a significant amount of expertise in the energy sector and an approach that sets it apart from the competition. The basis for growth is therefore excellent,” Koski sums up.

According to Antti Lukka, CEO of Fimpec Group, Koski strengthens Fimpec’s client-centric development and strategic client relationship management.

“We have set tough growth targets for our energy business for the coming years and to enable them, Koski was a natural choice to be the leader of our energy business. Fimpec is particularly known for its large-scale assignments in industry, but the growth potential created by the sustainable development of the energy sector has not yet been fully exploited. Koski’s expertise in client relationship management and business development contributes to achieving the growth goals of the energy sector,” says Lukka.

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