CTS Engtec Acquired JEEC Oy, a Company Specialised in Automation Engineering

By a transaction that took place on 26th March 2018, CTS Engtec Oy purchased the entire capital stock of JEEC Oy, a Jyväskylä-based company. JEEC’s service portfolio will significantly expand the automation engineering services offered by CTS Engtec.

The owners of JEEC Oy will continue in the service of the company, being in charge of automation engineering business and development. The owners of JEEC Oy, including Jarmo Pekkanen, Chairman of the Board, and Pekka Silvennoinen, CEO, will become shareholders of CTS Engtec.

JEEC’s service portfolio will significantly expand that of CTS Engtec, especially as regards automation engineering. Services jointly provided by CTS Engtec and JEEC will cover customers’ needs related to automation and electrification investments, all the way from preliminary engineering to commissioning and maintenance engineering. The acquisition of JEEC is the first step in expanding CTS’s services and increasing the number of offices in Finland.

“JEEC is one of the top companies in its branch and its operation is competent in both international and domestic projects. Together, CTS and JEEC will make up a company capable of meeting the growing needs of our customers even better,” says Antti Lukka, Managing Director of CTS Engtec Oy.

“We will continue serving our customers with commitment, as always. Moreover, together we can provide services that are more extensive and develop new, broader service portfolios. This will certainly be of interest for many of our customers. Furthermore, the growing number of offices in Finland improves our opportunities for recruiting more experts to meet the needs of our growing business,” Lukka says.

JEEC Oy is among Finland’s leading providers of engineering and consulting services in the branches of automation and electricity. In the financial year 2017, JEEC’s turnover amounted to €1.5M. The company employs 17 people.

“In the future, we can provide more comprehensive services to our present and future customers. CTS possesses experts and expertise of many sectors. I believe that with assistance from CTS, we can meet the growth goals set by our customers,” says Jarmo Pekkanen, CEO of JEEC.

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