Fimpec Energy Services – a response to strong demand driven by the energy transition

“For years, Fimpec has been focusing on energy sector expertise and services in tune with evolving customer needs. Growth means that the time has come to take the next step and establish a dedicated unit focusing solely on the energy business, Fimpec Energy Services,” says Fimpec Group’s CEO, Jukka Nieminen.

Fimpec’s customers represent a wide array of players in the energy sector, from electricity distribution companies that invest in networks as a response to a significant increase in renewable energy generation to startup companies that develop and implement new energy generation and storage solutions.

“In between these, there are a number of active industrial, infrastructure and real estate players engaging in the various stages of the energy transition, aiming to switch over to new, cleaner solutions in their production,” says Sami Nissinen, Head of Operations of Fimpec Energy Services as of 3 January 2023.

In addition to ambitious targets, the energy transition is accelerated by the rapid development and adoption of new technologies

A crucial aspect of the energy transition is electrification, i.e. the shift from fossil energy to electricity generated from renewable sources. The electrification of heat production calls for new technologies. Combustion-based heating methods are giving way, for example, to electric boilers, heat pumps and geothermal energy.

“Our customers have introduced new solutions and technologies in their new and existing plants at an increasing pace. In these projects, we provide our customers with comprehensive assistance, from feasibility studies all the way to implementation, depending on their needs,” says Nissinen.

Finland is on the cutting edge of developing the hydrogen economy – Fimpec is involved in the first projects

Hydrogen produced with renewable energy, i.e. ‘green hydrogen’, makes it possible to reduce emissions also where direct electrification is not possible. Hydrogen also offers the possibility of storing surplus electricity, for instance, as synthetic fuel that can be used to balance variations in electricity and heat consumption and production.

“Our expertise in the field of hydrogen economy is compelling, but we are proud to say that the projects are so recent and new that we are constantly learning new things. This comes from being on the cutting edge together with our customers,” Nissinen says.

Demand for energy services is exceptionally high

Energy issues cannot be construed as a distinct area because they strongly brand the decisions of industry, construction and infrastructure customers alike.

“The need for energy expertise concerns us all. By deepening and expanding our knowledge we can both find solutions to specific issues and offer our strong energy expertise to all our customers through the entire Fimpec organisation,” Nissinen says.

Dedicated expertise in keeping with the energy industry’s pace

Susanna Vähäsarja, Engineering Manager, Energy Engineering for the energy unit, develops the energy business together with Nissinen. According to her, the new unit’s personnel have an in-depth understanding of the energy sector.

“Assignments related to the energy transition are already keeping dozens of people busy at Fimpec. We constantly have several vacancies in the field of energy engineering. It is my job to offer the best talents in energy engineering excellent working conditions and the most interesting projects”.

Fimpec Energy Services responds to the needs of energy sector customers

“While public debate revolves around the themes of green transition and hydrogen economy, our customers are facing great pressure to implement projects related to the energy sector transition. We want to support this transformation with Fimpec Energy Services. Our goal is to grow organically into a unit with a staff of more than 100 over the next two years, with possible acquisitions speeding things up,” says Fimpec Group’s CEO, Jukka Nieminen.

Fimpec is a leading specialist in project management and engineering. We act as project consultants in major investment projects in the industrial and energy sectors, and as experts in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. Our turnover in 2021 was €30.3 million, and we employ more than 350 top experts in Finland and abroad.

For more information, please contact:

Jukka Nieminen

CEO, Fimpec Group Oy
CEO, Fimpec Engineering Oy


+358 40 557 4547

Sami Nissinen

Business Unit Director


+358 40 348 5401

Susanna Vähäsarja

Operative & Development Director


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