Fimpec met with the officials from the Ukrainian Ministries and Parliament in Kyiv

In January 2024, Fimpec participated in a business delegation organized by Miltton visiting Kyiv, Ukraine. The delegation aimed to strengthen business relations between Finland and Ukraine and explore opportunities in the reconstruction of Ukraine. Fimpec was represented by Panu Rahikka, and Luis Rudolphy.

Fimpec visited the Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv, from January 10th to January 12th 2024, as part of Miltton’s business delegation. The purpose of the visit was to examine the potential for Finnish companies to engage in partnerships in Ukraine and to identify collaborative business models that would actively contribute to the country’s reconstruction.

During the three-day visit, Managing Director of Fimpec Consulting Oy Panu Rahikka and Fimpec Group’s Chief Sales Officer Luis Rudolphy, met with officials from the Ukrainian Ministries and Parliament, as well as representatives from the Kyiv region administration. They also engaged in discussions with local leading experts and representatives of Ukrainian companies. The reconstruction needs of Ukraine primarily focus on the energy, industrial, and infrastructure sectors, where Fimpec’s expertise and experience in clean energy transition generated significant interest.

“Despite the war, the city of Kyiv was vibrant, and the focus was strongly on the future. Ukraine aims for significant post-war economic growth, and in Finland, we have strong expertise to accelerate this. Investments are urgently needed in Ukraine, and we want to play a part in facilitating this,” says Panu Rahikka.

“We had the honor of meeting many local Ukrainian stakeholders and establish new connections with them. This is a great opportunity for us to deepen the collaboration between our countries and create conditions for new growth,” added Luis Rudolphy.

During the visit, Fimpec signed Memorandum of Understanding of cooperation with the Ukrainian company TPS Engineering for the joint development and implementation of energy and infrastructure projects in Ukraine. TPS Engineering is an engineering and design services company headquartered in the city of Kharkiv.

In the upcoming steps, Fimpec will continue active collaboration and dialogue with Ukrainian representatives and local stakeholders about future investments and projects.

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