Fimpec offers project management services to Rohe Solutions in the delivery of KainuunVoima’s LNG solution

Rohe Solutions Oy has ordered project management services from CTS Engtec Oy for a turnkey project to deliver an LNG solution to KainuunVoima Oy.

Rohe Solutions Oy has made an agreement with KainuunVoima Oy on the delivery of a turnkey and comprehensive liquefied natural gas (LNG) solution. The project will see the conversion of KainuunVoima’s backup heavy fuel oil boiler into an LNG boiler.

Rohe Solutions Oy, which holds overall responsibility for the project, ordered project management, documentation management, and site supervision services from Fimpec (CTS Engtec). The LNG station will be delivered by Sarlin Oy Ab and the piping and gas burners by Oilon Group.

“Rohe’s implementation model is based on competent partner networks. We were already familiar with CTS Engtec’s competence with gas, so collaboration felt natural right from the start,” says Rohe’s CEO PerttuLahtinen.

“For CTS Engtec this was an interesting and significant project where we were able to offer a suitable package for the overall project with regard to human resources and the systems used. LNG solutions are a new and growing industry, in which we want to be involved in the future,” says CTS Engtec’s Ville Niemi, who acted as project manager.

The annual fuel oil energy that will be replaced by KainuunVoima’s LNG station is estimated at around 60,000 megawatt-hours, which corresponds to the annual energy consumption of 3000 single-family homes. Rohe will supply liquefied natural gas to Hamina via the LNG terminal, which will be complete in early 2021.

LNG is a cost-effective choice of fuel, which also reduces carbon dioxide emissions by around 25 per cent in comparison to fuel oil. Nitrogen, sulphur, and particle emissions will also decrease significantly. The solution is suitable as-is for the use of renewable gases, such as liquefied biomethane or Power-to-X, as their production competitiveness develops. The solution also includes capacity for the later implementation of LNG refuelling solutions for gas-powered CNG and heavy vehicles.

For more information, please contact

CTS Engtec Oy: Project Manager Ville Niemi,, +358 (0)50 4534 596
Rohe Solutions Oy: Chief Executive Officer PerttuLahtinen,, +358 (0)40 7718 908

Rohe Solutions Oy is a joint venture of HaminanEnergia and Alexela Energy. The company is engaged in the sale of natural gas and LNG (liquefied natural gas). Rohe provides LNG services based on the needs of industrial manufacture, heavy goods transport and sea transport. The services range from simple delivery of LNG to complete turnkey solutions.

KainuunVoima Oy is a power company owned by the city of Kajaani. The company produces electricity, district heating, and process steam. The company aims at zero financial profit and provides its shareholders with the cheapest possible electricity, which they can either use themselves or sell on to their own customers.

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