Fimpec taking part in the construction of a pulp mill in Chile

Fimpec’s installation supervision experts are taking part in forest industry company ARAUCO’s MAPA-project, which is a pulp mill that is being constructed in Chile.

A new pulp mill will be built in Arauco, Chile, with Valmet as one of the main equipment suppliers. Fimpec has an agreement with Valmet and Fimpec’s installation supervision experts are working as part of the project. Fimpec’s installation supervisors work on the project in areas of special technology that require industry knowledge and profiled expertise.

To participate in the MAPA project, and in particular to strengthen international growth, Fimpec established a subsidiary in Chile in 2020. Fimpec Chile S.a.P strengthens Fimpec’s foothold in South America alongside Fimpec Uruguay S.A.

Timo-Pekka Aaltonen, Fimpec’s operative manager, who has managed e.g. sales of the project and was involved in the establishment of Fimpec Chile S.a.P., says the MAPA project is a significant continuation of collaboration with Valmet.

“The long-term cooperation with Valmet is important and the project will involve a significant number of Fimpec experts. South America as the target area and our existing experience in Uruguay makes us a known, credible, and reliable partner for the project. For Fimpec, the project is significant as a continuum for our operations in South America.”

Saku Virtanen is currently in charge of the operational management of Fimpec Chile and works in the MAPA project for Fimpec’s part as project manager.

Fimpec and Valmet signed a global framework agreement

The long partnership and cooperation with Valmet have continued for several years. In 2020, Fimpec also entered into a global framework agreement with Valmet, which Aaltonen has been involved in negotiating.

“In the global framework agreement with Valmet we have agreed on general terms and conditions, so it is easy to transfer experts to projects. Only project-specific needs, costs and structures are left to be defined, which makes operations agile. This is how a good customer relationship with Valmet continues and we are best able to serve the customer”, Aaltonen describes.

“We have had good cooperation with Fimpec for a long time and this global framework agreement is a natural next step”, says Suvi Reinikka, Valmet’s global category manager for site works and services.

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