Hannu Johto appointed as the Leading Process Specialist for the Batteries & Critical Minerals business unit

D.Sc. Hannu Johto has been appointed as the Leading Process Specialist for Fimpec’s Batteries & Critical Minerals business unit. In his role, he will be responsible for project development, process engineering, and sales support in line with the company’s growth strategy.

In January 2024, Hannu Johto, who joined the new Batteries & Critical Minerals business unit, brings versatile expertise and experience in battery value chain and mineral processes, along with related business operations, to Fimpec as the Leading Process Specialist. His specialized knowledge includes pyrometallurgy.

With over 10 years of experience in the mining industry, Johto has served as an expert in numerous extensive projects, overseeing diverse development tasks such as quality development, business development, leading process engineering, and sales. Previously, Johto has worked with companies such as Sweco and Metso.

In his role as the Lead Process Specialist, he will be responsible for growing and developing the business by acting as a Project Manager and as a Process Engineer in collaborative projects. In his work, he reports to Sami Ström, the Business Unit Director of Batteries and Critical Minerals.

“I am particularly excited about Fimpec’s international projects and the opportunity to utilize my core expertise in them. As far as I know, I am the first specialist in pyrometallurgy at Fimpec, and I believe that my expertise will bring significant added value to the business unit,” Johto says.

According to Sami Ström, the Business Unit Director of Batteries & Critical Minerals, Johto’s extensive experience significantly strengthens Fimpec’s expertise portfolio and supports a determined growth strategy.

“Johto’s specialized expertise complements our unit excellently. His extensive knowledge in the mining industry, and his specialized expertise are an essential support for achieving our growth strategy goals,” Ström mentions.

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