Renovation project of the facilities of The Helsinki Distilling Company

Renovation project of the facilities of The Helsinki Distilling Company at the old heating plant in the Teurastamo area was launched quickly, planned efficiently, scheduled successively, and carried out on schedule.

The Helsinki Distilling Company (HDCO) revived the traditions of hard liquor distillation in Helsinki as the first private distillery in more than a hundred years. In 2014-2016, the premises for the company’s operation were renovated in three stages in the Teurastamo area at facilities leased from the Helsinki wholesale market.

The distillery, customer restaurant, and a separate cabinet for customer orders were built in an old heating plant. In addition to construction works, the project included distillery equipment installation. The old building is subject to strict heritage conservation requirements, which means that the parties to the project co-operated closely with museum and construction authorities. The project is of great importance for Teurastamo, since according to the plans of the City of Helsinki, the area is to become a new “living room and kitchen” for the city’s inhabitants.

The first stage of the renovation was completed in August 2014, allowing HDCO to start distillation. The second stage was completed in 2015 and the third in 2016. All of the stages were completed on schedule. After completion of the first stage, the property management was transferred to the Premises Centre of the Helsinki City Real Estate Department.

Fimpec’s role in the project

Fimpec joined the project after The Helsinki Distilling Company (HDCO) had concluded the lease contract, ordered the distilling equipment and made some preliminary plans. However, there were challenges with launching the actual renovation project.

At first, Fimpec was asked to help primarily with construction supervision, but it was decided soon that the project also needs a Project Manager. Fimpec accepted this responsibility; after that, the construction works started in just a few weeks. When communication with contractors and pre-processing of invoices, among other things, were entrusted to Fimpec, the customers’ time was freed up for other work.

Fimpec also brought along its extensive experience with industrial projects. For example, the installation conditions for distilling equipment were created already in the construction stage, which accelerated project progress and allowed the distillery to be operational on schedule.

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