Vuoteensalmi Bridge

The new Vuoteensalmi Bridge in Laukaa was built on highway 640 within the framework of a successful project; the co-operation between the parties was particularly smooth and trouble-free. Fimpec functioned as the supervisor and safety co-ordinator in the project.

In the Vuoteensalmi Bridge project, a reinforced concrete three-span (44+56+44m) prestressed continuous beam bridge was built to replace the existing narrow truss bridge built in 1933 and suffering from poor condition and weight limitations. In addition to the bridge, the €5M project included repair of about 1km of the main road and its connections, construction of a light traffic lane next to the main road, relocation of water, sewer and power lines, road lighting renovation, and demolition of the old bridge. The project was implemented between March 2018 and August 2019; it was included in the bridge renovation backlog programme published by the Ministry of Transport and Communications in 2016.

The new bridge is of great importance to the surrounding area, since it allows using the highway 640 between Metsolahti and Vihtavuori for industrial and business transport purposes to the fullest extent.The structures and weight limitations of the old bridge interfered with both road transport and water traffic. The importance of the bridge project is emphasized by that the highway serves as the back-up route for Finnish National Road 4, for example, in case there are problems near Vaajakoski.

Fimpec’s role in the project

In the Vuoteensalmi Bridge project, Fimpec Oy functions as the all-in contract supervisor and safety co-ordinator. The project was notable for the excellently smooth co-operation between the customer, supervisor, and contractor, which was based on openness, expertise, and uncompromising attitude from the very start.

An important factor as regards the successful outcome was that Fimpec spent more time on-site than usual. This had a positive impact on the work site spirit, since instead of acting as an inspector showing up at the site only now and then, the supervisor assisted the contractor on daily basis in coping with minor and major challenges arising at the site before they developed into actual problems. In each occasion, optimal solutions and a common understanding were arrived at through open discussions with the customer and contractor. It is also worth noting that no occupational accidents took place at the work site.

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